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Frat House Flash Cards

If you are going to kill some brain cells, you might as well learn something.
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The Frat House Flash Card would be a simple plastic 'party cup' that has trivia printed on the bottom. They would be sold in sleeves of 50 and bundled in different subjects. When someone takes a drink from their cup, the bottom is exposed for the others in the area to read. As an example, the world history cups might have facts such as "The British declared war on Austria-Hungary on August 12, 1914" or "In 1829, President Vicente Guerrero abolishes slavery in Mexico". The more that drink, the more you know!
rascalraidex, Jan 08 2012


       Drunk people trying to read the bottom of cups ?   

       Lap full of beer and an irrational hatred of President Vicente Guerrero.   

       "In 1829, President Vicente Guerrero abolishes slavery in Mexico and gave me a wet lap. "
popbottle, Feb 17 2015


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