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A bird cage with an aquarium for walls
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The summary does a pretty good job here. Obviously you couldn't enclose the whole interior in glass, but one, two or even three sides of the cage could be comprised of a small aquarium. You couldn't hang it (it'd hang lopsided), but you could place it on a stand.

Now your bird can amuse your fish and your fish can amuse your bird.

phoenix, Jun 07 2004

Why stop with just birds and fish? http://www.halfbake...dea/Aquatic_20Fauna
Shamless self promo. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 05 2004]

Been done, apparently http://m3.picsdown.com/piles/?s=fishcage
[k_sra, Sep 28 2007]

also documented here. http://zedomax.com/...ow-this-is-strange/
same picture though. [bleh, Oct 01 2007]


       Cute. Incidentally, the most striking aquarium I've seen was set in a Victorian bird cage (because you couldn't see the glass, it looked like the fish were flying around the cage).
DrCurry, Jun 07 2004

       and both amuse the cat!
po, Jun 07 2004

       Just make sure you don't choose a bird that naturally eats fish, or you'll end up with a bloody beak.
Worldgineer, Jun 07 2004

       [po] You caught the cat-egory! I'll gladly change it, but coudn't find anything more descriptive. There is no pet:environment or pet:enclosure.
phoenix, Jun 07 2004

       An excellent twist to make the "bird aquarium" idea actually interesting and possible.
Pericles, Jun 07 2004

       And for 2004, this years winner for items most knocked over by cats is...The Avarium by Phoenix! +
sartep, Jun 08 2004

       I'm just glad that no one confused "aviary" with "apiary" before bringing this into the house.
jurist, Jun 08 2004

       Wouldn't there be a bit of a buoyancy problem here?
hackermaster, Jun 08 2004

iivix, Jun 08 2004

       It'd have to be pretty big, wouldn't it? Wouldn't the water just make it harder to see the birds?
harderthanjesus, Jun 08 2004


       That is the coolest thing I have ever heard. I'm going to cook Salmon and Chicken just to use that expression.   

       Thank you, all hail Phoenix
hackermaster, Jun 08 2004

       Why not four sides? You could get the bird's oxygen and food in through the top and bottom. You've got your tray at the bottom under the grill to pull out and clean, and you've got your tube feeder full of birdseed at the top.   

       Or, simpler, put the thing up against a wall and you open a door in the wall to take care of the birds.
Eugene, Jun 08 2004

       "...item most knocked over by cats..." Heh!   

       "Why not four sides?"
I considered a four sided arrangment, but thought the bird would get claustrophobic. It would be fun to see a cage door go right through the tank, though. I suppose you could reverse it and think in terms of a fish tank with a bird cage in the middle.
phoenix, Jun 25 2004


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