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Avocado Pit Deducer

How big's the seed in that thing?
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Problem: Shopping for avocados. I always find nice, ripe, lovely avocados but then get them home and they've got a HUGE pit or seed and a lot of the bulk of the avocado is wasted.

Solution: A handheld pit sensing sonar device. The device compares the density of the edible portion to the density of the non-edible pit, measures the non-edible portion and then gives you some idea of the size of the pit.

Should be useful for any large pit bearing fruits/vegetables.

Noexit, Jan 16 2007

Would this work? http://gizmodo.com/...trasound-175431.php
Portable Ultrasound USB [Giblet, Jan 17 2007]

You're Lying, You're a Liar, That's a Pickle. http://bootsintheov...oure_lying_you.html
Close-up of an avocadito. [jutta, Jan 18 2007]

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       Or to determine the amount of fishbones in a piece of cod.   

       (and no, I bunned this one, in case anyone wondered.)
Trickytracks, Jan 16 2007

       + i agree.. also some kind of device that once bought, will extract the stone from the advocado without having to ram a knife in there and try and scoop it out-leading to painful experinces and loss of hand tissue..
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 16 2007

       Simpler version from an example my physics teacher gave years back: Measure the volume of the avocado (place in marked water bucket). Weigh it. Ensure you pick one that meets predetermined density requirements for desirable avocados.   

       <blatant product pitch>...receive not one but TWO quick reference cards when you buy our measuring bucket / scale system in the next five minutes...NEVER pick a bad fruit or vegetable again...</bpp>
craigts, Jan 16 2007

       Grow a long and preferably yellow fingernail. Browse the avocado pile, plunging said nail into the available fruit until such time as a deep-fleshed avocado is located. Add said item to your basket/trolley. Leave inferior fruit behind, pierced and infected.
Texticle, Jan 16 2007

       <Aside, directed at [deoxyribonucleic]> an easy way to get the pit out of the avocado: Hold half the avocado pit up, thwack it with your knife, then work the knife w/ avocado pit attached out. (Personally, I put the avodaco on the counter, steadied w/ a tea towel or something)   

       To get the slippery pit off the knife: from the blunt edge of the knife, pinch the blade just behind the pit, it should fall off. </ada[d]>
PollyNo9, Jan 16 2007

       [marked-for-nondeletion] advocadoacy
xenzag, Jan 16 2007

       If you find out after paying for one that it has an unfairly large pit inside, is it an avocado's con stone?
imaginality, Jan 17 2007

jutta, Jan 17 2007

       How might it work? Guess: The mean density of pit can be found, as can the mean density of the avocado flesh - so I'd guess it'd involve floating in saline solution (of just the right proportions) and checking whether the fruit sits low (or something)... I'll have to try this now. (not sure it'd be hand held though) Bun (+ some salt and pepper, and a nice vinaigrette)
Dub, Jan 17 2007

       I remember seeing an ad on TV a few years ago (I think it was for insurance or investment or something...) that used a stainless steel probe with a colour scale on it, which was poked into the avocado, much like [Texticle]'s suggestion only more hygienic.
(The ad voice-over said something to the tune of "Don't get ripped off")
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 17 2007

       That'd leave them damaged though - and there'd be hygiene issues - In time shops would ban them (for damaging their stock, and making them unsaleable)
Dub, Jan 17 2007

       Altenatively, shops could sell avocados by the weight of avocado flesh. You'd pay for the whole thing, then come back to the shop later to get a refund on the stone.
hippo, Jan 17 2007

       I can just see the person behind the counter as a queue of customers return their stones.."how much will you give me for this?" "just pop it on the scales please"
skinflaps, Jan 17 2007

       Yeah - and the alchemic con-trick where an 'entreprenuer' injects the stone with lead.
Jinbish, Jan 17 2007

       They've made seedless grapes, how about pitless avocados?
Pac-man, Jan 18 2007

       "They've made seedless grapes, how about pitless avocados"   

       There's the idea of the century, right there. I'll buy the first one off the production line.
Noexit, Jan 18 2007

       Those exist and are called "cocktail avocados" or "avocaditos" (see link for close-up shot), the fruit of an unfertilized avocado flower.
They're tiny, the skin is edible, and there is no pit.
jutta, Jan 18 2007

       jutta - Those are pretty cute, but they'd be a pain to make a guacamole out of.
Noexit, Jan 18 2007

       Giblet - that's pretty close! Ultrasound technology would probably work. You'd just have to scrap all the imaging and whatever. We're just wanting a "yes, buy it" or "no, don't" kind of readout. Although, a handheld ultrasound could have all kinds of fun applications outside the grocery store.
Noexit, Jan 18 2007

       I had a delicious advocado today.   

       In today's ever increasing informationally saturated state of enlibra, we should be putting our carts through some sort of huge scanning device.
daseva, Jan 19 2007


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