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Caffeine Index

just how 'caffeinated' is it?
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I'm proposing a simple method for figuring out just how caffeine loaded something is by looking at the bottle. Something added to the FDA Nutrition label would suffice.

I imagine something like:

Mt. Dew 2% caffiene
Sprite 0% caffiene
Dr. Pepper 1.65% caffeine

or perhaps some sort of ratio of mg caffeine to oz of liquid.

I like Green Tea, but can't find out how much caffeine I'm taking in, and I try to keep it to a minimum. A handy little label detailing the caffeininity would be excellent.

RockCrawler, May 02 2006

Caffeine Content http://wilstar.com/caffeine.htm
[DrCurry, May 02 2006]

Sen cha http://www.teanobi....se/looseSencha.html
Apparently, green tea has 'moderate to high' caffeine. [Jinbish, May 02 2006]

Scientists petitioning to label caffeine contents (1997) http://www.cspinet.org/new/caffeine.htm
[jutta, May 02 2006]

ABA voluntary labelling guidelines http://www.ameribev...elingGuidelines.asp
The example lists caffeine in mg, but it took me about half a minute to find it - and that's after a nice steaming pot of French Press. [jutta, May 02 2006]

Caffeinated decaff http://www.wisegeek...feinated-coffee.htm
[Shz, May 02 2006]

Censored brand names The_20_5bBrand_20na...--admin_5d_20cookie
[normzone, May 04 2006]


       Hm. Evaporating links. Anyway, I likewise have an incentive to track caffeine consumption, so I sympathize. In the meantime, there are a number of tables on the 'net.
DrCurry, May 02 2006

       yes, there are tables on the net, but they aren't on the bottle. I saw 'black tea' today and almost got it. i'd have been super pissed once i realized how much caffiene i had ingested.
RockCrawler, May 02 2006

       Welcome to the world: they don't make the rules for our benefit. Caffeine powers the sales industry in this country. You'd better find out pretty darn fast what you need to avoid.   

       I've actually known since childhood that (black) tea can have as much caffeine as coffee.
DrCurry, May 02 2006

       There are proposed food labels (apparently being phased in) that have a simple green/amber/red icon to indicate what fat/salt content there is. Adding caffeine to the list would be a nice touch.   

       {After a bit of searching: turns out this 'traffic light' system is totally voluntary and most big food manufacturers, like PepsiCo, will go with an RDA system instead. %200 of something sounds twice as good - Red label is bad!}
Jinbish, May 02 2006

       I consume no caffeine. Generally it's easy to avoid - no coffee, tea, or soda. I do occasionally encounter something I'd like to try and don't because I don't know if it contains caffeine or not.   

       BTW, decaffeinated coffee is not caffeine-free.
Shz, May 02 2006

       I guess it depends on steeping time for teas, complicating labelling somewhat.   

       I am amazed that caffeine milligrams aren't on soft drink (soda) labels though.
Texticle, May 03 2006

       Sounds like a stock market report - "Next up, the Caffeine Index is up 200 points, but first this"
normzone, May 03 2006

       im enjoying reading this only for the simple lack of censorship it shows. [Md - brand uncensored] [sprite - brand uncensored] and [Dr. Pepper] are some feast these days..
sweet, May 04 2006

       [sweet], should I remove them? I didn't realize there were such censorship rules. I've seen other brand names.
RockCrawler, May 04 2006

       [RockCrawler], he's referring to the link. A candy manufacturer contacted Jutta and asked to have a particular name edited.
normzone, May 04 2006


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