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Awesomer DHA

superflexible 21:6 or 22:7 DHA gives even greater benefits
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DHA is researched as having numerous benefits. I particularly like the published cognitive as well as longevity benefits. Lets make new versions.

Well DHA is 22 carbon atoms long with 6 C=C links. (thus they call DHA a 22:6 lipid) I think I have read that the greater membrane fluidity from the C=C links permits greater lability or movement ability of the lipid. Supporting that idea is that cool dwellers like ocean fish make more highly fluid lipids as adaptions to their environment.

More C=C gives greater flexibility thus a 22:7 or 22:8 lipid is a mild start, going further we can figure out where to desaturate (place the C=C links).

When you think about it, the 3' or OH part actually link to particular cytostructures. Visualize a receptor or lipid raft that always associates with the 3' area. Possibly a G coupled protein receptor is particularly receptive if it is supported with highly flexible lipids (kind of like a bouncy seat on springs)


That has a hypermotional part right where the lipid associates with the receptor giving the receptor greater responsiveness. This is still a 22:6 lipid, so we might prefer to give the hypermotional area lipid all of the orginal area flexibility along its length creating


which is just DHA with a hypermotionarea at the 3' side

Or we could just create a Littler hydrocarbon Fewer carbons make hydrocarbons as well as lipids more flexible. Thus It is possible that the more flexible 21:6 version of DHA, D21HA that has one fewer carbons may be even more effective.

Now it would be awesome to find either of these at nature to see if they can be mass produced as natural beneficial oils. There is an algae Anadyomene stellata that makes a 22:7 that is variably saturated rather than hypermotional C=C=C=C DHA.

Note that when thinking of this as an invention, any of the "About 26,600 results" that google patents lists at DHA may thus be notably improved as technologies

beanangel, Jan 11 2012

wikipedia DHA http://en.wikipedia...ocosahexaenoic_acid
[beanangel, Jan 11 2012]

cyberlipid.org is a scientific lipid research area, one of two places online I can find mention of a 22:7 lipid http://www.cyberlip...berlip/home0001.htm
[beanangel, Jan 11 2012]

The attractive macroalgae Anadyomene stellata has a 22:7 DHAlike lipid http://images.searc...p-t-500&fr2=piv-web
This is described as docosatetraenoic acid (possibly could be called DSTA) at http://books.google.com/books?id=-DasysmU7V0C&pg=PA221&lpg=PA221&dq=%2222:7%22+and+%22fatty+acid%22&source=bl&ots=fN5UUG2Ogm&sig=qhCnQYZXBUzqvkl4KIWeFotAmXA&hl=en&sa=X&ei=_iwOT7mrCsnniAKdirG8DQ&ved=0CEMQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=%2222%3A7%22&f=false [beanangel, Jan 11 2012]


       How did you do that?
mouseposture, Jan 12 2012

       [beanie] must be a part of the mile-high baking club, 'cause this is way over my head.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2012

       well DHA is just a chemical so I thought of a way to amplify its virtues   

       theres is also a hyperflexible near the hydroxyl version C-C-C=C-C=C-C=C-C- C=C-C-C=C-C-C=C=C=C=COOH
beanangel, Jan 18 2012


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