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Axles and arbors for Used CD s

Standard parts to allow old cd to be use as toys or in conveyor lines.
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While never designed to be wheels, Three or four cd bolted together would make a useful and all but free tire/wheel for a toy wagon or other toy.

20 cds on axle would make a cheap conveyor line roll.

A business providing a schedule of twenty or thirty standardized axles, hubs, bearings, pillow blocks, brakes for use with "CD" tires would be natural.

Particularly in an old factory with outmoded lathes and mills. Steel, aluminum, and plastic versions should cover the waterfront fairly well. Worldwide online and catalog sales out of the same factory. Might bring some small town back to life.

popbottle, Aug 26 2014


       Nice idea.   

       Not sure it is going to bring small towns back to life, but nice idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 26 2014

       Might be a small town in China, but...
popbottle, Aug 26 2014

       An impromptu practical experiment shows that it is perfectly possible to fit a CD onto the arbour of a small angle grinder, and spin it up to 10000 rpm.   

       However, its properties as a cutting tool are best characterised as "non-optimal", catastrophic brittle fracture being the predominant failure mode.   

       <lifts pad of tissues, scrutinises wounds, wonders if bleeding is going to stop any time soon or if stitches will be needed, self- medicates with more 18 year old single malt anaesthetic>
8th of 7, Aug 26 2014

       I've seen a wall-sized fish mural made entirely of CDs. I envision a town with CD float competitions and parades, where a king and queen of second-hand CDs in flown in from the 80s every year.
4and20, Aug 27 2014

       "Axles & Arbors" - sounds like a tabletop roleplaying game.   

       " Eighteen - my plus-four heavy metal double album does (sound of CD collection hitting the table) ...twelve damage to the eponymous pop artist single ! "
normzone, Aug 27 2014

       You can also use the little circles in the cassettes from tape recorders. But what will you do with disk on keys?
pashute, Aug 28 2014


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