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BEC Hydrogen Fuel Tanks

Solves the bulk problem for carrying around hydrogen in vehicles
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Various companies are pursuing the idea of using hydrogen fuel cells to power vehicles. The problem is, hydrogen is MUCH more bulky than other fuels like gasoline.

However, we have a technology that can in theory greatly reduce the bulk of a hydrogen fuel tank. All we need to do is perfect it enough so it can be scaled up for mass production and use.

That technology would take advantage of the fact that the commonest sort of hydrogen molecule consists of two protons and two electrons, and qualifies as a "boson". It is known and proven that bosons can occupy the same space, while other particles (known as "fermions") cannot occupy the same space. Logically, then, if our hydrogen fuel tank stored its hydrogen as a Bose- Einstein Condensate (BEC for short), lots of hydrogen could easily fit in a small space!

And no, I'm not ignoring other sorts of hydrogen-fuel tanks, like those used in some rockets...the title of this Idea is pretty generic.

Vernon, May 23 2016

Relevant Info https://en.wikipedi...Einstein_condensate
For anyone interested in more about BECs [Vernon, May 23 2016]

More info http://www.drivecle...rogen_Fuel_Cell.php
About hydrogen fuel cells in vehicles [Vernon, May 23 2016]

Potential weight savings https://www.mahal.o...ramofchallenger.jpg
Think about how much less a smaller hydrogen TANK would weigh, while holding the same amount of fuel. [Vernon, May 23 2016]

Possible Problem BEC_20Fusion
The fuel-tank Idea assumes this particular possibility won't happen to cause problems, like unwanted nuclear explosions. Fortunately, protium-hydrogen is less reactive in that way, than deuterium.... [Vernon, May 23 2016]

Another possible problem http://physicsworld...de-like-cloverleafs
Hydrogen explosions are bad. Bad, bad hydrogen! [Vernon, May 26 2016]


       You just couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you, [Vern] ? We were planning to make a fortune licensing that technology to your species ...
8th of 7, May 23 2016

       Tell you what, [8th]. For a modest sum, we'll licence [Vernon] to you. How modest a sum would you accept?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2016

       Love it! Wouldn't possibly work, but love it. And you can transport everyone's data from forever at the same time, as well. One small bump in the road to success is, well, one small bump.
4whom, May 25 2016

       actually the lasers to keep those kilograms of BEC stable could be pretty vast. the thing is that hydrogen likely has x ray emission quantum lines, so doing laser cooling with x rays is possible. The benefit of course is that it is remotely plausible to get the lasers to the middle of a multikilogram BEC container. alternatively a cinnamonroll with BEC adsorbed to an optically transparent layer could have high BEC to laser lightguide volume.   

       Although less than likely as vehicle fuel, perhaps it could be new kind of atomic particle detector
beanangel, May 25 2016

       Another possible problem is called a "bosenova". I'll add a link.
Vernon, May 26 2016

       that Bosenova thing suggests that the Big Bang Theory theme song has been out of date since 2008. a mere three body interaction quatrefoil or duovortex annulus results from tuning the system slightly. to keep folks informed I placed [vernons] link at Youtube.
beanangel, Jun 04 2016


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