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Baby proof outlet alarm

Get an auditory indication when a socket becomes exposed.
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A main unit plugs into the wall which has a very loud speaker on it, and you have little baby proof outlet covers with chips in them that send an "I'm plugged in" code over the house wiring many times a second. When baby removes the outlet cover from the wall, the chip inside can no longer "phone home" and the main reciever finds this out and sounds an alarm, warning that little hands might stick something conductive in the socket soon. Many codes for each outlet cover can also tell you which one got taken out.
Amishman35, Sep 23 2006


       //As a child I cut an electrical chord.// While playing electric guitar?
imaginality, Sep 23 2006

       [imaginality]. I deleted my worthless post. You are correct. It's cord, not chord.
Zimmy, Sep 23 2006


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