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Flat universal magnetic plug

A flat universal mains plug that "finds" the connecting points with magnets
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This is an idea for a flat mains plug that will work all over the world. It's a well known problem having to carry a large universal adapter in addition to a bulky plug that very often exceeds the size of the device being powered. The plug is a flat disc with two thin flexible connectors that can be magnetized by a small flat rechargeable battery in the disc. Place the disc over the plug point generally aligning the connectors with the plug insert points, switch on the magnet, and the connectors locate the inserts and pull themselves into the inserts magnetically. The power recharges the battery at the same time ensuring it can be used constantly. Problems to be solved are an earth where required which could be done in the same way however very often the earth point is also an insert control mechanism which has to be pushed into in order to open the live and neutral points.
The_Saint, Nov 24 2009


       A mains plug. I'll change the description.
The_Saint, Nov 24 2009

       So that way I could plug anything into anywhere.   

       BOOM! FIZZLE!   

       The uniqueness of a plug has a purpose. (-)   

       Just in case anyone has a Mac Book, I read on another site some of their "universal" power supplies catch fire when plugged in in Europe. Despite the 110-220 rating on the label.
MisterQED, Nov 24 2009

       the damn things practically catch fire as it is, i don't think that it matters 110/220.
WcW, Nov 24 2009

       According to [bigsleep]'s link, most of South America uses stripey electricity. As if they don't have enough problems.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2009

       I think we would have some really serious issues with arcing and contact wear too.
WcW, Nov 24 2009

       //Magnets + modern electronics = bad juju.//   

       This is slightly an aside, but I I don't think that's true. Credit cards are vulnerable, but I don't think much else is.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2009


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