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Back Door Airport Bus

For no-frills airlines without seat assignment
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This airport bus doesn't have any doors on the side. It just has one big door on the back.

This way, the last passenger to get on the bus will be the first passenger on the plane, and vice versa.

The result is that people will not start queuing at the gate half an hour before boarding, as it often happens on budget flights. And those few fools who do will get the worst seats.

Same procedure for unboarding. Those irritating passengers who insist on rushing off the plane will be right at the end of the immigration queue.

kinemojo, Mar 02 2007


       "You go first."   

       "No, thanks. After you."   

       "NO, really, after you."   

       "But I insist."   

       "I'm waiting for someone ..."   

       "Me too."
nuclear hobo, Mar 02 2007


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