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Back in new Window

It's not in IE6 anyway
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We all know and love the 'Open in new Window' from the context menu. Well I need a 'Back into New Window' button for when I don't use the 'Open in new Window' facility.
paraffin power, Jan 05 2005


       Back into?
contracts, Jan 05 2005

       The Window you just came from, whilst keeping the current Window open. The back button is greyed out if there's nowhere to go back to.
paraffin power, Jan 05 2005

       Yes, that would be useful. I often open a new window and immediately hit the back button in one of them, this wastes time loading the current window a second time. Opening a new window with the previous page would be nice.   

       Now that I understand what this does, I see why you called it "Back in new window", but the name is rather unintuitive. I can't really think of an intuitive name that's short enough to be usefull though.   

       I just discovered that you can get functionality similar to this in IE 6. Open the hisory. At the top of the history, select "View":"By Order Visited Today". This will now look somewhat similar to the contents of the back drop down menu but will also includes sites that would be under the forward button, etc. You can right click on these and choose "Open in New Window".
scad mientist, Jan 05 2005

       There are extensions to this idea. For example, open one page and then a second from the first with its own tab, then a third from the second and a fourth from the third so that each page has its own tab. Then using a macro command such as <ctrl-drag> across the tabs, sweep the cursor along and all the pages underlying their tabs become arrayed on one page and would print four on a page or on two double sided pages. Another example, click on and drag the tabs around on your desktop and the pages rearrainge into the order of the tabs. I don't have a problem with your suggestion [paraffin power], so I'm lending some support for development of a browser toolset with added functionality.
reensure, Jan 06 2005

       This frustrates me as well, but there is the workaround of clicking back then opening the original link in a new window.
DrCurry, Jan 06 2005

       A good idea, and wonderfully short.
ldischler, Jan 06 2005


       Ctrl-click opens in a new tab, and shift-click a new window, in firefox. This works with back and forward too.
Tobu, Jun 12 2005


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