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Backpack Bike and Back Straightener

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In this leg powered vehicle retractile aircraft cable pull cords similar to those on gas powered chainsaws, are tethered to the motor in the backpack that in one gear operates leg levers, folded down from the backpack. In a secondary gear the chainsaw blades power train powered by the aforementioned motor, drive recumbent bike, ultra lightweight helicopter, and a leyden jar catapult. Recumbent wheel located in bag. The leg levers hammock chair can be powered by lower leg extension at the knees and ankle to adjust recumbent riding position.
rcarty, Mar 17 2013

An open illustration http://imgur.com/BireWkS
[rcarty, Mar 17 2013, last modified Nov 17 2013]

almost complete Relinked http://imgur.com/Bj26WGe
[rcarty, Nov 16 2013]


       Bone for posting in other: [general].
ytk, Mar 17 2013

       Comment on the idea instead of being a discursive regulationist.
rcarty, Mar 17 2013

       The idea is word salad.
ytk, Mar 17 2013

       The chainsaw blade transmission ends prior to that of the chain length and an offset fork provides for wheel axle insertion.
rcarty, Mar 17 2013

       That illustration is very scary.
xandram, Mar 18 2013

       Does it reveal my innermost psyche? The pencil was pinched between my buttcheecks.
rcarty, Mar 19 2013

       //The pencil was pinched between my buttcheecks.//   

       Ah, so /that's/ what it's an illustration of.
ytk, Mar 19 2013

       I've been wondering what the wearable exoskeleton upgrade for the senior citizen's walker would be - maybe this is it.
normzone, Mar 19 2013

       Needs a chin strap for the hat.
pocmloc, Mar 20 2013

       This is something I need to have, and will soon have. A wearable recumbent bike with retractile pullcord power.
rcarty, Mar 22 2013

       The backpack recumbent bike requires two chainsaw starters instead of pedals.
rcarty, Mar 22 2013

       Bone for posting in other: [general]. — ytk, Mar 16 2013   

       Copy, paste, and additional bone. If you can't do better than that, neither can I.   

       C'mon, if you want to play in the treehouse, you should use the ladder.
normzone, Apr 23 2013

       I already have a treehouse nobody knows about.
rcarty, Apr 24 2013

       Where can I get one of those transparent top hats, as in illustration 1? Useful in winter for keeping my head warm.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 27 2013

       The top hat isn't really transparent, it is just illustrated in a cut-away format. ISO safety standards require that any top hat worn while using such a vehicle must meet or exceed the usual standards for cycling helmets and, in addition, must be lined with a minimum of two (2) layers of Swiss military grade tinfoil.   

       Does anyone have any idea how to steer this thing? Or is the bag of money loaded with numerous coins that the "driver" moves from side to side in order to alter the centre of gravity, thus causing the vehicle to turn?
Canuck, Apr 29 2013


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