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Backwards AWD Sandrail

Put engine and AWD drivetrain backwards in sandrail
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Sandrails are custom-built off-road vehicles based on the design of the VW Bug, with the engine in the back. Many use modified VW engines and transmissions, while still others use Subaru H4 engines or big V8s. Some even have AWD, although these tend to be more expensive because many of the transmission components are custom built.

My idea is to take the entire engine and drivetrain out of an AWD car such as an Audi or Subaru, turn it around backwards, and build the tube-frame chassis around it, with the engine in the back and the donor car's rear differential at the front. Putting the engine in the back allows for the right weight distribution, allowing the car to essentially "float" over loose sand.

In order to make the car go in the right direction, you would need to either modify the differentials so they spin the wheels opposite to normal, or somehow get the engine to spin backwards. The gear linkages might be a little tricky too.

This scheme is intended for cars with longitudinally mounted engines, but it might also work with transversely mounted engines too. The weight distribution and torque steer might not be as good, though.

discontinuuity, Nov 05 2005

Sandrail Website http://sandrail.com/
also called dune buggies [discontinuuity, Nov 05 2005]

AWD V8 Sandrail http://www.chrfab.com/sandcars.htm
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One of Chris Farley's most famous sketches from SNL (From which the phrase "rolling doobies in a van down by the river" came from). [discontinuuity, Nov 06 2005]


       Jibbers? Are those like doobies? I think you need to be in a van down by the river to do that.
discontinuuity, Nov 05 2005

       Now I know why its called the halfbakery.
discontinuuity, Nov 06 2005


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