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Backwards compatible combined headphone/remote

They turn on when you put them on, turn off when you take them off.
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When putting on a pair of headphones, one needs also to turn the device to which they are connected. Instead of this, the circuit from the mains or battery could pass through the headphones themselves. The hoop between the cans would act as the switch, with the pressure from the head establishing contact between the terminals, the whole assembly of course being insulated. If mains-powered, there would be no need to have a special connector for the headphones, as one cable could go to the headphone socket and the other to the mains input, though battery-powered devices would need to be modified or specifically designed.
This would save electricity, be a boon to laziness and enable one to put the headphones on and take them off in bed without causing disturbance to oneself or others by having to reach out to turn the device to which they are connected on or off.
In fact, why not put all the controls on the headphones and use them as a remote as well?
nineteenthly, Apr 16 2005


       Slick, but I want it to send a signal to my device to put it on pause. (+)
ConsultingDetective, Apr 16 2005

       Thanks [Consulting], great idea. That would be fine, except that it would then only be possible on certain devices. However, anything controlled by a remote could be similarly controlled by a combined headphone/remote. In fact, why not put all the controls on the headphones, which could also be wireless? I think that would have to be a different set of headphones though.
nineteenthly, Apr 16 2005

       Sorry, my mind wandered off ... what is the idea again?   

       Oh, okay. T/F Headphones ... worn = T => on; worn = F => off.
reensure, Apr 16 2005

       I love this idea. I would definitely use this for listening to music in bed; I'm such a toss-about sleeper that my headphones usually come off (and the music device ends up Lord knows where) by the time I wake up, and it would be nice if these would turn off when that happens so nobody gets awakened by my ignorant musicality.
disbomber, Apr 17 2005

       I don't know what to call this idea now.
At the risk of making it too complicated, how about a detachable remote that slots into the headphones? I do think the primary purpose should be to turn the device on and off automatically.
nineteenthly, Apr 17 2005

       "Backwards compatible combined headphone/remote device that turns on when you put it on and turns off when you take it off your head and oh yeah, it's nice for when you're sleeping and your headphones fall off too cause then it doesn't wake up everyone in your house and that means you'll still get laid tomorrow night unless you live with your parents in which case it just means you'll still get your allowance and food and shelter and clothes and CDs and all that."
disbomber, Apr 17 2005

nineteenthly, Apr 17 2005


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