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Backyard energy tower

Stores energy like a big cuckoo clock
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Has counter weights that you hoist each day by riding an exercise bike . Provides electrical power to a few necessary items.

Once all the neighbors have the towers, we can stretch cables and netting over the neighborhood to protect from the sun.

leonard-4, Jul 07 2006


       I couldn't hep m'sef. [link]   

       Do they keep time?
ldischler, Jul 07 2006

       There is a seperate rhythm section for that.
bungston, Jul 07 2006

       Assume a 1,000 kg mass raised to a height of 4 m, which is about what I think I could achieve using relatively low tech building methods. This will store very close to 40,000 J, which could run a small torch globe for about 11 hours, or a low powered computer for about 1 hour. If you had no disastrously wasteful things such as electric heaters or hot water systems, this could be useful in places not connected to the grid.
spidermother, Jul 07 2006

       Why not just shade the neighborhood with solar power. Nobody ever uses their exercise bike anyway.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 07 2006


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