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Bagpipe Bubble Blower

that's what it says...
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Bagpipe Bubble Blower is self explanatory. Bubble stuff is put in the special chamber within the instrument. When the player blows into the mouthpiece, the bubbles will come out of the top of the pipes along with some music.
xandram, Mar 05 2008

I like the bagpipes better than my own idea... Bubbling_20Turn_20Signals
...gratuitously cross-linked [normzone, Mar 05 2008]

Hey, just in time! http://bubbleblowers.com/bub-week.html
[xandram, Mar 06 2008]

UV "Blacklight" fluorescent bubbles http://www.teknobub...tekno_pictures.html
For some reason I visualise this idea as a lone bagpiper, at night, with his pipes emitting UV-fluorescent bubbles. [hippo, Mar 06 2008]

Bagpipe MIDI music http://cityofoaks.h...nes/tunescores.html
Could these be, in fact, worse than the real thing? [Ling, Mar 08 2008]


       "along with some music" - not if I'm playing the thing, it won't! But + for the thought!
DrCurry, Mar 05 2008

       Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face during even the most solemn of funerals. Awesome.
Saxonburg, Mar 05 2008


       Well [normzone] a LOT of other 'bakers seem to love your idea!
I think if your car was a convertible, we could play the bagpipes in the back seat and leave the turn signals on in a parade!
xandram, Mar 05 2008

       It is my best-received idea to date, which tells you something about the dark recesses of my mind.   

       Tell you what, [xandra], we'll hook up the emergency flashers to bubble, get a designated parade driver, a bottle of good vodka, and sit in the back of the convertible and take turns on the bagpipes.   

       I wonder which parade would be appropriate?
normzone, Mar 05 2008

       Played next to my *bubbling pipe organ*, this duo would just about shoot more bubbles in to the atmosphere than would be safe, I fear...
blissmiss, Mar 05 2008

       Multi-coloured bubbles please ? +
xenzag, Mar 05 2008

po, Mar 05 2008

       (xenzag) Poppy red for Remembrance Day or a tricolour for July Fourth, Bastille or what-have-you!
Dilettante, Mar 05 2008

       You mean to tell me there is not a National Bubble Blowing Day?...
Edit- see link- There is a whole week and we are just in time! Yippie!
xandram, Mar 06 2008

       Cool link [hippo] and great image you have conjured up of the *lone bagpiper*!
xandram, Mar 07 2008

       At last! An idea I can understand! I love bubble blowers and especially musical ones...and to think of bag pipes blowing bubbles just makes me all giddy inside. I am imagining the Scotts piping into battle with these delightful bubbles billowing forth....Although I would never, under any circumstance, be an enemy of the Scotts, I can assure you, if I were standing there opposed to them, I would have to simply surrender immediately...How could you fire at someone playing pipes and bubbles dancing about them....I say it is just not possible.
Blisterbob, Mar 08 2008

       UB.. "They're Great!"
Zimmy, Mar 08 2008

       I quess it's time to organize a halfbaked Bubble Brigade. [normzone] I hope you have found a driver and [blissy] needs to rent a float for her bubbling organ...
xandram, Mar 09 2008


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