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Baker's Score

A category and scoring system for halfbaker's predictions / ideas that get baked.
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The baker would enter the contest by entering in the "Halfbaker Score" category a title BakerMcBakerface and the summary: Predictions / innovations that are now baked. In the description it would simply be a number. Say, 6.

The list of predictions would be put in the links thusly:

Link: Original idea posted 1.3.15 Bathtub toaster.

Link: Idea baked 4.7 17 Appliance company announces water resistant toaster to be used in bathtubs.

Link: Original idea posted 3.11.13 Fake wide awake open eye glasses for people giving the lecture.

Link: Baked 2.1.18 Professor admits to sleeping during his own lectures, wore glasses with painted on open eyes.

The posts would be reviewed by the other halfbakers and scored accordingly. If the score was indeed 6, 6 buns would be awarded. Doesn't matter who would give them, they'd just be given.

I think this would be an interesting category to review. Sort of like a victory lap for those who had their ideas come to fruition.

doctorremulac3, Mar 22 2018

My one that I know of. Walk_20through_20rain-shower_20fountain
[doctorremulac3, Mar 23 2018]

Lostdog's lego tape Lego_20Tape
Seen at Walmart near you. [RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2018]


       Too friggin many, that's how many.   

       Exactly when a persons' original thoughts became property of the state... or China, is fascinating reading.   

       I haven't really checked but I know of the one, the "Rain Room" that they first built in England then ran in Los Angeles for a while.   

       Very telling that this popular art exibit that was very expensive to put up had no mention of "created by".   

       I really like this idea because I'm curious about who else has had their ideas come to fruition, either because of coincidence or because their post here provided the inspiration.
doctorremulac3, Mar 23 2018

       hmmm, I've only got fifteen minutes, let's see how far into the alphabet I get.   

       -Above ground swimming; was used in an episode of Fear Factor.
-Aquari'ome; critters are everywhere now.
-Aquatic Fauna; was marketed as Terraquarium.
-BouncyBallSnow CastlePitGlobe; was marketed as Inflatable snow globe bouncer castle transparent winter jumping. Only $3300.00 US
-Conveyor Hospital Bed; baked
-Deflater Mouse; Marketed as Inflatable computer mouse.
-Dominathalon; was used in an episode of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
-Fibre Optic Lego; almost ruined the company.
-Fields of Algae; magnetic algae reducers now a thing.

       Crap, gotta go, I'm late for work. There are many though.   

       Damn man, the Lego thing alone could have made some bucks.   

       Sorry, you probably already feel bad.   

       Clever though. Take a victory lap for that anyway.
doctorremulac3, Mar 23 2018

       I just dig seeing ideas made real. Several ideas were mysteriously lost in the '04 crash like Full Color Magnadoodle.   

       There have been so many halfbakers' ideas and humor show up in reality shortly after posting that I stopped counting years ago.
One of my favorites is a posting by [hazel] called Nucleadverts where acid etching is used to cause carbonated beverages to release more gas in a logo. Rickards Red beer came out with glasses which left a stylised 'R' in the foam on your beer within a year or so.
Late night talk-show stand up comedy often features schtick from here just days or weeks after it's posted.
I mean, think about it, if you had to pull new and interesting comedy out of your butt night after night for some talking-head to cash in on... wouldn't you troll this site as one of your fishing-grounds?

       If a compendium of real life products to which prior art can be traced back here were compiled it would be pretty huge.   


       That was kind of fun going through the old list again to see what's been baked since.
I might just finish it off for shits'n'giggles.

       Maybe I'll just put this up as an idea under lists or something. "Halfbaker Wall Of Fame" where people can list the stuff they've suggested that eventually got made. Leave out the competition part.   

       Maybe calling it the Wall Of Fame isn't the right title. Halfbakery From Vision to Reality?   

       A list of Halfbakery ideas that came to fruition.   

       It's a bit odd in that it would be posted as the idea, but would be the actual product. I think it would be one of the most interesting pages on this site.   

       Halfbakery To Baked List?
doctorremulac3, Mar 24 2018

       How about just 'Baked Goods'.
It's that 'list' part you gotta find a way around...

       At one time I figured that if I cast out a wide enough net of marketable ideas, I just might be able to snag at least one decent human being able to kick back credit where it's due, maybe even garner a small royalty or three, but it's just crickets and tumbleweeds here in Nous-land.
I like to believe that this lack of cred is based solely on advice of lawyers and not indicative of a complete lack of character and integrity across all of society.

       I'm funny that way.   

       Aww, don't be hard on yourself, [2fries] - you're funny in several ways.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 24 2018

       Seems like we did Lego Tape awhile back.
RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2018

       // It's a bit odd in that it would be posted as the idea, but would be the actual product. I think it would be one of the most interesting pages on this site. //   

       I think that means it would fit perfectly in the halfbakery: versus the real world category.   

       // -Fibre Optic Lego; almost ruined the company. //   

       15 years before you posted the idea; I added a link on that idea.   


       As for me, none of my ideas have yet been baked by others after I posted them, AFAIK. However, I have posted a few and later learned they had already been made:   

       (+6) Automatic door with small sections that open separately & only as far as needed (already a prototype)   

       (+7) More efficient pot/pan bottom for gas stoves (already a product)   

       (+2, -1) New way of pronouncing 'Uranus' (previously suggested by CGP Grey)   

       Shoes with built-in activated carbon (already a product)   

       I guess those can go on [Skewed]'s list too.
notexactly, Mar 25 2018

       I'm putting up ideas I can find at the other, non- competitive post for this site. The "Halfbakery Bakery".   

       Feel free to post yours.
doctorremulac3, Mar 25 2018

       //15 years before you posted the idea; I added a link on that idea.//
That's not easy to do...
Nice find.

       //don't be hard on yourself, you're funny in several ways.//
That's why I won't do two shows a night. I just... I won't do it.

       Heh, hourglass urns are a thing now.   


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