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Ballistic Disco-Ball

Stylish protection from airborne lasers
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I was inspired by recent reports of a resurgence of the Star Wars program, favoured by Uncle Ronnie in the '80s. The usefullness of such a venture has been called into question, as the proposed airbourne laser could suffer from atmospheric interference - thus scattering the beam.

However, no-one has thought how to protect the missile from such unwanted interference - until now...

I propose the following solution; simply turn the missile into something ressembling a '70s disco glitter Ball. The powerful laser would then be scattered providing a spectacular, albeit brief, disco display.

Each of the mirrors on the missile/globe could be etched with logo of sponsors, advertising global brands such as Coca-Cola[tm], Pepsi[tm] or Hamas. Naturally, more advanced models would incorporate, 'retro' speakers, a smoke machine and a foam generator - giving a more realistic 'disco-feeling' to proceedings.

note: If the US wants to do something useful with lasers, why not display, Jean Michael Jarre-style, "Sadam blows goats" onto the walls of the Iraqi palace.

[BTW, I think the real drivers behind Star Wars program are the video games manufacturers, Sega and Nintendo]

riposte, May 03 2001

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       Actually, Ronald Regan is not my uncle. My uncle is called Robert, or Bob as he prefers...
riposte, May 03 2001

       (confusion caused by use of 'disco' and 'stylish' in same sentence)
Way cool, like Iridium on steroids.
angel, May 03 2001

       My uncle is called Nutsy. Bob is my doctor.
beauxeault, May 03 2001

       Balletic Disco
hippo, May 03 2001

       Beauxeault: I thought it was 'Bob's your uncle'?
StarChaser, May 04 2001

       Yes, when one is using idiomatic phrases, it is "Bob's your uncle." But when I'm gratuitously stroking the egos of a couple of specific fellow halfbakers, my uncle is Nutsy and my doctor is Bob.
beauxeault, May 04 2001

       Ah, so desu.
StarChaser, May 05 2001

       Well, if there's a laser involved, there's bound to be mirrors somewhere. I don't see why they couldn't take the same mirrors and use it for this.
rapid transit, May 27 2003


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