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Ballpoint Highlighter

I hate leaky highlighters
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I was absentmindedly twirling a highlighter and ink got everywhere. I think there should be a highlighter with a wide roller, or 5 balls, that apply bright colored ink but have the advantages of a ballpoint pen. It would be less likely to leak, and woudn't smudge as much, and it would be almost completely dry.
-----, Nov 19 2004


       Instead of a rolling ball, why not just have a rolling cylinder with rounded edges, so it stays inside a ball mount?   

       I like the thought.
shapu, Nov 19 2004

       that's what I meant by roller, shapu.
-----, Nov 19 2004

       This is actually a really, really good idea. I've met more dried-out felt-style highlighters than I would've preferred, in my life. KERBUN!
contracts, Nov 20 2004

       Or, for the really picky, some frisket, an exacto, a Paasche AB, and a bottle of yellow Createx.
bristolz, Nov 20 2004

       Ahh...I thought you meant something different.   

       My bad.   

       It should, however, be noted that I was mainly replying to the five balls section of the idea.
shapu, Nov 20 2004

       isn't one big ball enough? like an anti-perspirant roller.
po, Nov 21 2004


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