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Band Aid Advertising

ADhesive bandages with corporate logos etc printed on
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Imagine the details of a new movie covering the abrasion on your forehead after you fell down the stairs. Hospitals would earn revenue from affixing display plaques onto broken arm casts, advertising some brand of new pharmaceutical drug etc.

Health care could be revolutionised - there would be Private, Public and Media run hospitals - the last of which would pay for or at least subsidise your medical expenses if you agreed to wear as part of the treatment an ad logo or blurb.

Your artificial heart could be sponsored by Nike! Now that would cause a media frenzy. . .

benfrost, Aug 04 2001

http://www.promobrands.com/bandages.htm Baked. [jutta, Oct 05 2005]


       Oscar Meyer could sponsor penile enlargement
AfroAssault, Aug 04 2001

       Hearing aids sponsored by Metallica. "This colostomy bag provided by DuPont--we make lots of crap."
Dog Ed, Aug 04 2001

       "This cutting accident brought to you by Slashco Steak Knives".   

       Could also work with those sheets they have in morgues:   

       "FACE/OFF. Out now on video."
mrkillboy, Aug 04 2001

       "Advertising supported X" is an entire category of stupid idea. Sure, let's use advertising to pay for health care. And transportation. And housing. And communication. And food. And everything else, too.   

       Try running the numbers. It just doesn't work. Advertising only makes sense when you can very cheaply print a message somewhere a great many people will see (or hear) it. In most cases this means "piggybacking" on existing media delivery systems.   

       Advertising revenue can't even support most Web sites. What makes you think it could possibly pay for health care?
egnor, Aug 04 2001

       Hi, egnor. I haven't seen too many annos with your tag on them lately; glad you're here. I guess we'd have to run an ad campaign to convince advertising companies that advertisements on bandaids would be effective. The mind reels. Or surreals.
Dog Ed, Aug 05 2001

       We have plenty of band-aids in all shapes and sizes with various cartoon characters on them....most notably "Garfield, the cat" and "Barney, the stupid dinosaur". Isn't this advertising of a sort?   

       In a reverse way, people pay to advertise for a company. Americans seem more than willing to pay a company so that they, the consumer, can advertise for the company. Yeah, I'll wear a NIKE sweatshirt when NIKE starts paying me several thou a year to be a walking billboard for them. Let's not even start with what I think of people who buy/wear shirts with a clothing designer/manufacturer's name on the front. I do have several things with the name of horse product manufacturers on them....but I use the products, would recommend them, and got the shirts/coats/hats for free from the companies.   

       Of course, I do buy Bob Dylan t-shirts at all the concerts and I do wear them....but, hey, he is God.
Susen, Aug 05 2001

       Although slightly older.
angel, Aug 06 2001


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