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bottom-of-the-glass advertising

Violating the sanctity of your cup.
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You take the last sip of your cola, staring at the bottom of the glass - "EAT AT JOE'S!"
oatcake, May 08 2003

here http://www.creativi.../viewtopic.php?t=90
Advertising on the Bottom of Beer Glasses [popbottle, Sep 11 2013]

The Prisoner http://www.youtube....&v=f1JXI2mE27M#t=76
“you have just been poisoned” [ytk, Sep 12 2013]


       "Wouldn't you rather be drinking a Duff?"
Worldgineer, May 08 2003

       Perhaps a dishwashing soap ad?
bristolz, May 08 2003

       If you can read this you're not pissed.
sufc, May 08 2003

       "If you can read this, you need another..."
dustmonkey, May 08 2003

       Mount your ad on a little sucktion cup that comes loose after a few minuts and pops to the top. Pop-up ads appeal more to the modern, internet savvy crowd.
kbecker, May 08 2003

       <obligatory> "I peed in your cup. Enjoy!" <o>
lintkeeper2, May 08 2003

       For those with a _real_ drinking problem: Bottom of the barrel advertising.
Cedar Park, May 09 2003

       You could use these on plates & bowls too. Finish a bowl of soup to find a note inside the bowl saying "ooops...there was a fly in your soup" Or when you get to the bottom of a plate of spaghetti you find the plate to be printed with pictures of worms...mmmm...protein!   

       I suppose that wouldn't be such a good idea for restaurants...but it would be funny joke to play on your guests at a dinner party.
funkychunky, May 09 2003

       "that wasn't beer"   

       "bathroom -- second door on your left"   

       "Joe's Taxi Service - 800-555-5555"   

       "Alka Seltzer might help"   

       "10% off your next glass"   

       + !
mahatma, May 09 2003

       You reach the bottom of your main course to find an image of one of the restaurant's desserts. The sight of an untouchable piece of apple pie or chocolate cake "sitting" on the plate would entice diner's to order some dessert for sure!
funkychunky, May 09 2003

       This is widely baked in the UK - loads of Logos are printed into the bottom of pint glasses so the bubbles cling ot it and rise up, forming a column of the logo...   

       They're quite cool.
Seaneeboy, May 09 2003

       Interesting idea but (-) because of the reality of it.   

       I recently went to a gas station to fill up, and on the back of the nozzle was a large speaker which piped out a stream of ads. Additionally, you could not walk away and still pump gas - the catch had been removed from the handle on the nozzle. I had to hold my other hand over the speaker to avoid going completely bonkers.   

       and yet the Gods of Marketing continue to smoke crack for breakfast....sigh...   

       I have enough advertising in my life - don't you?
timpestuous, May 09 2003

       timps got a pint I mean point. -
Worldgineer, May 09 2003

       Well, of course advertising is pretty awful, but this is about the idea, not the fact that it's advertising...this entire category deserves fishbones, then.
oatcake, May 09 2003

       My favorite: "WWJD - What Would Jesus Drink?"
telepathetic, Mar 08 2004

       I used to have some stickers that said "You have just been poisoned".
normzone, Sep 11 2013

       //I used to have some stickers that said "You have just been poisoned".//   

       Did they look like this? (link)
ytk, Sep 12 2013


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