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Band Initial Stickers

Little ovals that tell people your favorite band.
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I don't know how prevalent those white, ovaloid stickers with abbreviated country names are in Europe/Britian, but there are a great many in America. I can drive the eight minutes it takes to get to work and see two of them.

Examples: DK for Denmark, FR for France, W for Wales

Anyway, instead of showing solidarity with your homeland, why not show support for your rock band!

As with the country stickers, the initials are presented allcaps in a generic sanserif font in black on a white oval with a black border. Thus, copyright issues are avoided, and the price remains cheap (although I'm sure the big record companies would find some way to make a buck or two).

Examples: PJ for Pearl Jam, PF for Pink Floyd, SQ for Status Quo, and so on. You could also have short expressions relevant for some bands: SUX (for Primus) comes to mind.

Finalment: If any 1/2Bkrs out there can tell me which band this sticker--VDM5--would represent, then I'll give you a fresh croissant for your next idea--no matter how baked, fried, or fricasseed (hard to do in a bakery, mind you) it is.

zaphod12, Nov 26 2001

like this? http://www.iocc.com/~rockett/Gallery/
not exactly as you described, but it's been done. [mihali, Nov 27 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

like this http://www.werkshop...rLa.Eur.sticker.gif
Exactly as you described. Now figure out who the band is (no prizes seeing as it's dead easy). [CoolerKing, Nov 28 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Hey, no bribing the judges!
mighty_cheese, Nov 26 2001

       Baked. Visit any rock radio station in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
phoenix, Nov 26 2001

       How would people tell if you were into Abba or Aerosmith, or between Metallica, Muse, Megadeth, Meatloaf, Madonna? Would there be an international standards body to allocate a unique code to each band, or could you just pick appropriate colours and typography?
pottedstu, Nov 27 2001

       DK for Denmark.....and Dead Kennedys
dare99, Nov 27 2001

       I know someone who was wearing a badge labelled "Anthrax" a few weeks ago ...
cp, Nov 27 2001

       Techno-cally speaking, Vincent de Moor... or are you referring to Vegas DeMilo? Somebody Scream vitodimodugno into Voodoo Mirrors while you are at Verband deutscher Musikschulen. No locations in Seattle? OK, that covers about all the geographic areas I care to tread upon.
thumbwax, Nov 27 2001

       [mihali] Not exactly, since Stone Temple Pilots just ripped off the STP Engine Treatment logo.   

       [stu] Part of the fun would be trying to decipher the stickers. Is "M" Metallica or Megadeth (and does it really matter)? I think a good one for Madonna would be HO. Aerosmith would be PUMP or PINK, and no one else could qualify for LOAF, but Meat himself. It obviously won't work for everyone.   

       [thumbwax] Get both those things out of your ears, and I'll give a hint. VDM5 is a jazz combo.
zaphod12, Nov 27 2001

       Baked! See link.
CoolerKing, Nov 28 2001

       Why oh why oh why do they persist on a thumb/ear connection where there is none?
Vandermark Five
thumbwax, Nov 28 2001

       [zaphod12]: <pedantry>I've just noticed that Welsh people wouldn't be too happy with you, seeing as their sticker is not W but CYM for Cymru.</pedantry>
CoolerKing, Nov 28 2001

       "I've got a little sticker on the back of my boot: This Is Music"   

       Baked in song and real life by the Verve.
-alx, Nov 28 2001

       [thumb(absolutelynoconnectionto)wax] Congrats. I guess I owe you a croissant. I'll be on the lookout for your next idear.   

       [CoolerKing] Then I suppose France should be G for Gaul. And who gets AUS? Maybe Australians would prefer DU.   

       [alx] I don't think anything has been baked by "Verve." I did like Bittersweet Symphony, though.
zaphod12, Nov 28 2001

       [zaphod12]: The stickers are in the country's own language. Thus Wales is CYM for Cymru, Ireland is EI for Eire, Germany is D for Deutschland, Finland is SU for Suomi and I'd guess that Austria's one would start with an O for Osterreich. It has nothing to do with what a country used to be called, otherwise we'd all be P for Pangaea.   

       UnaBubba would probably prefer Australia to be UB, but I'm not sure the rest of the country would listen to him.   

       [waugs]: The stickers show people what country you're from when in a foreign country. I have no idea why, I can only assume it's so the locals can hurl the correct stereotypical insult as the car bombs past, possibly on the wrong side of the road.
CoolerKing, Nov 28 2001

       [CoolerKing] Sorry, my computer froze. Thanks for the link, but as far as I can tell, that's only one sticker/logo. I'm talking about a whole line. If it's not been done already, I'm sure it can't be too far away.
zaphod12, Nov 28 2001

       I WIN AGAIN!
Many people used those stickers to indicate where they'd been - Regardless of the To or Fro indication, I always liked the 'real' ones - the little plaques which fit into grille of Mercedes, much more regal. In U.S. there have been some abbreviated stickers available for a few years - showing States - they caught on for a bit, but as of late, seem to have fizzled out.
thumbwax, Nov 28 2001

       So would the sticker for the band "America" be "USA"? And if so, how would you know if it indicated allegiance to a place or a band? And is GB Great Britain or Garth Brooks? (or is GB now UK?)
beauxeault, Nov 28 2001

       [thumbwax] I like your website, so you get even more croissants now. Plus, the Crosswalk Hotfoot is cool although I'm sure some others in this Burg would prefer HotCustard.   

       [CoolerKing] You have been forthright and honest in your criticism and didn't bitch about technicalities, so I'll throw a few croissants your way as well.   

       Otherwise, <sarcasm> I hate it when newbies come in here with different ideas and upset my precious preconceived notions of what is proper. My indignant self-righteousness just boils over. </sarcasm>   

       What amazes me is that people froth so over a harmless bit of fluff. Are you upset that you wasted time with my idea rather than wasting it upon another. If this website/community/den of vipers is meant to change the world, then, in the immortal words of Steve Martin, "EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME!"   

       At first I thought this was a fun, entertaining place. Now I know better. Thank you so much [UnaBubba]; I will cease to disturb any more of your hackles.   

       BTW, "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberry." Goodbye.
zaphod12, Nov 30 2001

       Whine,whine,whine, piss,piss,piss, moan,moan,moan.   

       Just go away already!
StarChaser, Dec 01 2001

       Another innocent newbie goes out into the world that bit more twisted and cynical. It's time for bed: our work here is done.
pottedstu, Dec 01 2001

       I know. It was after reading 10 or so of them in a row that it irritated me enough to post that.
StarChaser, Dec 01 2001

       The problem is we can't delete them because they are on his ideas. If he really has left he could at least have deleted his account...
RobertKidney, Dec 01 2001

       I've seen two this week that say "OBX"... my only guess is "Outer Banks" (as in North Carolina).
PotatoStew, Dec 01 2001

       Does this mean a really bad new idea of mine won't get a croissant?
thumbwax, Dec 01 2001


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