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The Mumble-Shits

Homeless boy/girl band
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Run a talent search (televised) seeking 5 members of a new band to be called 'The Mumble-Shits'. Each member is chosen by their attributes of drug/alcohol induced slurring and dishevelled appearance.

Get them all up on stage totally off their heads with microphones and instruments and flashing lights. None of the music would make sense - naming each track after what they were on or some gutter inspired relic.

benfrost, May 22 2001


       Big fan of S-Club 7/HearSay/Steps/Spice Girls, are we?
angel, May 22 2001

       It can't be any worse than the pure dog-shite that's been in the charts for the last 10 years or so. Or probably longer...
CoolerKing, May 22 2001

       Hasn't this already been done by Malcolm Maclaren? Surely the Sex Pistols meet the requirements that [benfrost] is looking for?
Spidergoat, May 23 2001

       well, my version of the Mumble Shits is three or four members who would be hand picked from my local red light district. An old guy with a yellow beard and one shoe who keeps yelling out 'Thursday ...iz fukken thursday', a younger guy in a tracksuit and a mobile phone (much like Spud from trainspotting in Mike Leigh's movie 'Naked' who keeps shouting 'Maggie!!!'), and of course leading the rhythm section a long haired junkie type who nods to the beat and occasionally utters some romantic slurred gem while simultaneously face down at the front of the stage.   

       I guess though this type of act is probably already touring at a streetcorner near you.
benfrost, May 24 2001

       So this is like, the stages of a band in reverse?
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2002


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