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Bandage Paste

Synthetic Scabs
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A product should exist to synthesize a scab. I think scabs are better than any bandaid there is. I know there is a risk of scars, but this can be fixed with an additive that already exists in some first aid chemicals, i.e. neosporin. If we can create a product such as this we would be able to do away with things like stitches and staples. I think of it more like the "human glue".
sh4d0ww4rri0r, Apr 04 2002

Google search for +artificial +scab http://www.google.c...&btnG=Google+Search
3,610 hits in .28 seconds. Oddly, a search for +synthetic +scab returns hits related to wheat diseases. [phoenix, Apr 04 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Collodion http://www.uh.edu/engines/epi608.htm
"Collodion may have been a primitive ancestor of the Band-Aid. But it surely served to spur the imagination. It proved to be a very special muse to 19th-century invention." [baconbrain, Jun 27 2005]

"Lick your wounds" candy scabs http://store.candyw...com/candyscabs.html
Not quite what the poster is after. [jutta, Oct 03 2006]

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       Baked. Liquid skin... also called liquid bandage. I've had the bottle for 6 years!
lumpy, Apr 04 2002

       Darn, I thought he wrote 'bondage paste'.
Jeremi, Apr 05 2002

       It would also give you something to pick at when you're bored. Without damaging your actual skin.   

       That could be quite useful, especially for people with OCD who can't stop scratching and picking at themselves.
phundug, Oct 02 2003

       Don't let the crackheads get word of this one. Give them hugs instead.
420FAGtx, Jun 26 2005

       Someone should make flavored bandage paste. All the scaby tast only with zero calories.
10clock, Jun 27 2005

       //A product should exist to synthesize a scab.// Then you should Google for it.   

       "I'll bet you've never heard of collodion. Yet it was quite common in the last century. You made it by dissolving cellulose nitrate in ether and alcohol. You kept it on your medicine shelf and used it to cover cuts. It hardened into a protective shell that stuck to the skin and covered the wound."   

       I've had my bottle of liquid skin for years, too. It reeks of cloves and stings like hell.
baconbrain, Jun 27 2005

       i saw 'bondage paste' too. and the idea's been done. This is more disappointing than my childhood.
Bighongry, May 12 2006

       "Bondage paste- part of a complete breakfast."
notmarkflynn, May 14 2006

       Cyanoacrylate was used during VietNam as a wound glue--- now known as super-glue
rmtmaine, Nov 02 2012

       It still is, in both human and veterinary medicine, and in my household.
Alterother, Nov 02 2012

       [sh4d0ww4rri0r] posted this idea on April 4, 2002, one anno on one other idea on that same day, and has never been heard from again.
normzone, Nov 02 2012


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