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Baseball Cap Sprinkler Curtain

conversation stopper/starter
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Any time you want to disengage from a conversation, (or to startle those in close vicinity) simply activate your Baseball Cap Sprinkler Curtain. This results in a continuous fan of fine droplets of water being emitted from the row of nozzles embedded in outside edge of the cap's projecting peak. You can hide behind this spectacle, or if you have a long enough tongue (very long) you can stick it out, interrupting the flow and adding even more drama.

The reservoir and pumping apparatus to facilitate this activity are stored in a convenient backpack. Mosquito destroying agents may also be introduced to the water to add to the general functionality. A crowd may be dispersed by turning up the pressure, as this creates an even wider circle of deployment, but of course this action also quickly drains the reservoir.

Baseball Cap Sprinkler can also be used to water a small lawn in mid-summer by walking about or pirouetting if you're more adventurous.

Inevitable deluxe version facilitates the generation of coloured liquid curtain variations, via sets of bright leds that are also located in the peak.

xenzag, Mar 10 2018


       Don't be silly, [Ian]; a baseball cap is a rule to prevent excess in baseball. Baseball itself is a numbering system where the digits run from zero to ball-minus-one. If not capped at, say, 49, the value of "ball" would rise too high, destabilizing the system. A sprinkler makes a very sensible addition. [+]
pertinax, Mar 12 2018


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