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Baseball caps with mini-internet-cams

Baseball caps with mini-internet-cams
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Going to the ball game. They are giving out free baseball caps at the entrance.

One-in-twenty of the baseball caps has a color mini-internet-cam affixed to the front, with a wireless connection to the stadium.

The view from various fans is occasionally shown on the jumbo- screen in the stadium and on television. The video streams are also broadcast realtime on the internet.

Sound fun?

carsten, Jun 14 2003

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       Uh, no. Not when the video streams with a view from the loo. Well, okay, maybe then under specific protocol...
Tiger Lily, Jun 14 2003

       Now if the batter had one...
FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2003

       Would the 1 in 20 person know if he/she had the cap with the camera?
GenYus, Mar 19 2004

       Yes I think so. I imagine someone at the turnstile with a stack of 100 or so baseball caps just handing them out to the line. Just like on those days when you go to the stadium and kids get a free baseball bat, but this time it's caps, and some have a wireless camera.   

       Due to cost obviously only some of them have cameras. Maybe as time goes on, more will have cameras.   

       It would be exiting (and probably obvious) to the next person in the line who passes through the turnstile into the stadium that they are about to receive one of the hats with a mini camera on it.   

       Yeah there's always the possibility of seeing people in the bathroom. But it shouldn't be too hard to quickly switch to another camera quickly.   

       Sometimes a regular TV camera will be directed on people in the crowd who are dancing, or holding up banners or signs. If one of them realises they are on the big screen and decides to "give the finger," or drop their pants for a moon, the director can always just quickly switch to another camera. Maybe there is even a second or two time-delay.   

       No problem, it will be the same with the cap cams.
carsten, Jun 09 2005

       Video stream of the fan taking a piss or ordering a hotdog.
10clock, Jun 10 2005


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