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Beach Towel Ice Sculpture

'Sno Joke
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It snowed deep just before Christmas. As it first began to fall, I left a couple beach towels hanging over the outdoor hot tub deck rail. MB cautioned me to move them but I said "nah". It snowed a lot. Next day I brushed the snow off the towels to find that they were frozen solid, yet looked like they were hanging wavy and loosely on the rail. I took them off and stood them up in the snow. They each stood about 2 1/2' tall.

Later, inside our home, I thought to ask Sally if I'd ever told her how I used my magic to make beach towels walk in the sand. She said "no, can you do it now?" I said I'd try and began to will the beach towels out of the deck box and to walk across the deep snow on the deck to the back door. Sally ran to look out the window and there they stood, to her indescribable delight.

The next day, I delibertly submerged a red beach towel decorated with a jungle frog into the hot tub and, of course, it immediately soaked up a lot of 105 degree water. I then spread it on the snow and soon is was perfectly rigid like a magic carpet. I stuck it sideways in the snow in front of our house as a red and green christmas decoration.

The idea, of course, is to harness power of water-loving terry cloth and freezing weather to create a new form of ice sculture.

Mustardface, Jan 24 2005


       Having 1 foot + snow outside at present time and temperature for the rest of the week below 30F, I think I may try this as well as with some rope.
MrDaliLlama, Jan 24 2005

       Frozen croissant shaped towel for you sir.   

FarmerJohn, Jan 24 2005

       very cool [+]
sophocles, Jan 24 2005

       Frosty would love this! Pieces of art work to gaze at all day. What a neat idea. The possibilities are endless. (That is if you live here where there was a blizzard yesterday, and it hasn't climbed above 10 degrees in 2 weeks.)
blissmiss, Jan 24 2005

       I wonder if you could use the towels to make a simple form, then sculpt them over the day using judiciously applied hot water?
bungston, Jan 25 2005

       In early 1989 it dropped to -30°F or so one night where I was staying with my parents at the time. Having never before been in such cold, I decided that it would be interesting to explore how fast small amounts of water would freeze. So, at about midnight, I put on a few layers of clothing, grabbed a squirt bottle of water, and went outside. I was able to spritz water on a surface and watch it freeze very quickly.   

       Water, I discovered, gets almost gooey, sticky, for a brief moment on its way to a solid state. I built little sculptures a drop or two at a time and would have played for hours had it not been so bloody cold.   

       One of the last things I did before the cold became utterly intolerable was to soak torn strips of brown paper grocery bags in water and then quickly build super-rapid hardening papier mâchè sculptures. It was fun, layering these together and, in a few minutes, I had built a small village of decidedly delapidated looking frozen-paper buildings on the porch railing.   

       The next morning at breakfast I excitedly explained my late-night frozen sculptural endeavors to my parents and then proudly led them out to the porch to show them the product of my sculptural labors.   

       Upon the rail, all that remained of the paper sculptures were bone-dry torn strips of paper blowing around.   

       You see, the air was so dry that the ice providing the rigidity and adhesion had evaporated (sublimated?) in the course of a few short hours.   

       Live and learn.
bristolz, Jan 25 2005

       Beach towel statues, sculptures, hang em from a tree and make icy mobiles. Dangle them from the front door, made to resemble your personal postman, in Florida beach attire, when the wind is whipping.   

       Make a replica of your Pitt, or in my case a giant fat cat. Mold it, set it in the front yard, and place a sign saying, "Beware, frozen pissed cat/dog/goat/guinea pig, whatever", dressed in the total opposite type of garb, and maybe, just maybe, atleast try and make someone smile.)   

       Or not.
blissmiss, Jan 25 2005

       Ice-laminate multiple towels together to make a thick slab. Then stand up several slabs to make Towelhenge.
robinism, Jan 25 2005

       [bris] Yeah, they say one can dry clothes on the line also when it's freezing outside, though I've never tried it.
FarmerJohn, Jan 25 2005

       I'm surrounded by towelented artists.
normzone, Jan 25 2005


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