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Bean Beds

Like a Bean Bag but Bigger
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Remember being a kid, sitting in a bean bag and it almost swallowing you up because you were so small in comparison?

The Bean Bed would be the same kind of thing as a bean bag, except it would be in the shape of a bed.

This would save you having to get it into the best shape for when you get down there, would also make for optimum lounging experience because you would be able to stretch out and would be alot easier to share than the 2 people bean bags out there.

gorjabuble, Jul 06 2005

Like this? http://www.sitbacka...uct_page.cfm?id=722
Do you mean something like this? [seedyem, Dec 01 2005]

or like this? http://www.meandhugh.com/shop/index.php
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http://www.fatboybe...S8IECFS3BEAod-lWqCg [chocolateraindrops, Dec 09 2005]


       They do make couches. I wonder & speculate. Could you, Would you bean bag in the dark? Would you could bean bag in the park? Would you bean bag in the rain? Would you bean bag in your pain? Would you bean bag in the shizcem? Would you bean bag in the prison?
Zimmy, Jul 06 2005

       Yes. No. Maybe. Definately. One Tuesdays. If they catch me.   

       My housemate has an enormous bean bag that sometimes services as a bed. It's surprisingly uncomfortable and you tend to wake up with tremendous back pain. Because of this experience I must bone this idea, sorry.
harderthanjesus, Jul 06 2005

       Sounds pretty nice to me, ackshally. [+]
contracts, Jul 06 2005

       Sleeping on bean bags is like hard drug use. It seems comfortable at first, but ultimately it's a regretful experience.
Texticle, Jul 07 2005

       Wasn't really thinking of them to sleep in, just for kinda watching DVDs and the like. They would be more comfortable than a big bean bag beacuse they wouldn't be the usual 'tear drop' shape. It would be kind of flat with a part at the top that would be just that little bit higher for use as a pillow. If bean Bag use is like hard drug use, do they have BBUA? 'Hi, my name's Goja and i'm a Bean Bag User. It's been 24 hrs since my last Bean Bag'
gorjabuble, Jul 07 2005

       Kind of [seedyem] like the first but was thinking of the pillow part being attatched - which after reading over the idea just now, I noticed I forgot to mention
gorjabuble, Dec 09 2005


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