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Beat My Blunder

A society for daily blunderers
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I would like to create a web site for people to compete to see who made the biggest screwup for that day.

It would be rated ala "Rate My Cat" and the like. A brief description and a source of validation is all the information one would need to enter. Like a photo or the link to a business or some sort of witness. Just in case you were a finalist and someone doubted your integrity. (Not a chance I say.)

Participants would submit their extraordinary blunder for that day and the mess up with the most votes wins.

Wins what you say??? Well the right to say I won on "Beat My Blunder". That and a bit of comfort knowing that someone else did a stupider far more ridiculous thing than you did that day.

One major caveat is that your blunder can not be intentional; it must be absolutely a genuine f**k up.

Like today when I went to my therapist for my scheduled visit. I wanted to complain about my increased disorientation and lethargy. Low and behold just to find out I was there a week early and I could of stayed in bed all day. (Or on the computer so it seems.)

Beat that you blundering fool!!!

blissmiss, Apr 15 2009

F my life http://www.fmylife.com/
In a similar vein... (I now notice daseva mentioned this first - well, here it is anyway) [fridge duck, Apr 16 2009]

they've made a horrible TV show like this!! http://www.spike.com/show/27237
[xandram, Apr 16 2009]


       We have this guy over here called Gordon Brown...
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 15 2009

       He's right you know.
skinflaps, Apr 15 2009

       Help me out here you guys. I don't know what your talking about. I do know one thing however. If this is baked "royaly" then that makes this my second big blunder today. And since they're related...well...
blissmiss, Apr 15 2009

       fmylife.com is fun like this. But, I like the competitive edge.+
daseva, Apr 15 2009

       I figured there must be a site out there like this. Thanks for letting me know about it.
blissmiss, Apr 15 2009

       Blunde'r bust. (+)   

       No Quest this isn't necessarily funny (just ask me about yesterday). I'm not sure that most find their blunders or should I say bad days because of your own actions funny.   

       But I will agree that fmylife.com does make this baked except for the rating part. Which of coarse which is what separates this site from many other new idea sites. RIGHT? Plus I didn't know that site existed. Till now. So there. [sticks tongue out in childish defiance.]
blissmiss, Apr 16 2009

       Mini-blunder alert: "Low and behold" - you mean "Lo and behold", I think.
hippo, Apr 16 2009

       ... or in the case of a warning for aircraft flying over hostile territory "Low and be holed"
xenzag, Apr 16 2009

       blissmiss, you just reminded me of a similar get out/not get out of bed related blunder:
Got up late, my 5 year old was still in bed: needed to get ready for the school bus real quick. Had to convince her to miss her morning shower: there were tears.
During the brief breakfast, I realised it was a school holiday. What did she say?

       "Daddy! I didn't have a shower for nothing!"   

       I laughed most of the way to work, that morning.
Ling, Apr 16 2009

       Ha! That's a good one. I give you an 8.
blissmiss, Apr 16 2009


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