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Fan Site Fan Site

A Web Site that is a portal to web "fansites".
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In the spirit of Reality Television I think it's time for a web site dedicated to the various fan sites that people have put up around the web.

Reviews, forums, site of the week, interviews with the site hosts... the content is broad and deep.

funp, Jun 19 2003


       I don't agree.
po, Jun 19 2003

       idiotictvlinks.com is available
thumbwax, Jun 19 2003

       Finding good content on any fansite is usually hit-or-miss.   

       Having someone weed out all the shit, and only link to the best would be nice. Although, about.com does a pretty good job at doing this.   

       You get a + even if it is kinda baked. I like names that refer to themselves. Like the coffee table book about coffee tables.
rapid transit, Jun 19 2003


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