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Bedside tap/faucet

Access to water for alcoholics
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I often go out and get completely and totally ratted on beer and other alcoholic beverages. However, I often wake in the middle of the night feeling highly dehydrated.

Instead of having to drunkenly stagger around trying to get to the kitchen sink to fill a glass of water (thereby risking injury from bumping into furniture in the dark) I want to put a tap/forcet (depending on which country you're from) next to or above my bed for easy access to fresh, clean water.

In future, this could be extended in other parts of the house for other uses - for example a beer pump next to the comfy chair in front of the TV, or a cola pump next to the computer.

drwiggy, May 29 2000


       Hmmm - it seems to me, if you're going to have a bedside tap (or faucet), at some point you're going to need a bedside urinal too. The extension of this idea would have everything accessible from your bed - fridge, TV, internet access, phone, etc., such that you would never have to leave bed.
hippo, May 30 2000

       seems to me the walk to the bathroom would do you some good, there you will find a place to releive yourself, a place to hurl, rinse your face with cool water, and grab a drink useing a cup left in the room for that purpose.
scotty1969, May 31 2000

       In the meantime, just sleep with a big bottle of water next to your bed and also a bed-urinal thing nearby if you need that too...   

       I'm still unclear on what a forcet is. Is it a faucet?
rwagaman, Jun 26 2000

       Your best bet would be to make a giant hamster bottle which you would suspend above your bed. When thirsty all you would have to do is lick at the bottle mouth with your tongue!
ccaamgw, Jul 06 2000

       rwagaman,a forcet is a tap from what I can tell
alien_monkey_1, Jul 23 2000

       I'd also recommend adding a cooling unit to the tap. Room-temperature, stale water is almost as bad as no water at all when you're hung over. Maybe add an aspirin and vitamin dispenser as well.
BigThor, Aug 26 2000

       Why don't you just sleep in the bath?
tretchikoff, Aug 30 2000

       Ive often thought of installing a portable water cooler in the bedroom, like the ones at work. Much simpler than re-plumbing the house for the bedside faucet.
Onalee, Aug 25 2001

       When I was a child, my grandparents had a house with several guest houses by the beach. one of them was rather largish and had been a rooming house sort of thing at one time. Had a sink in the corner of every bedroom. Very cool.
gus2, Jan 21 2002


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