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Beer with a mild laxative in it
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Seems like an obviously good idea to me.
AntiQuark, Jun 17 2005

Anti Binge Alcohol Anti-binge_20drinking_20control
Earlier mention of booze laxative, but for a deterrent effect. [AntiQuark, Jun 17 2005]

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hidden truths, Jun 17 2005

       So how is this different to the previous idea that you yourself linked? Beer: getting people boned since whenever.   

       Egads! That's the first time I've voted and seen the bone count change as a result. Deeply satisfying.
Texticle, Jun 17 2005

       I was at a beer festival last night and, on the basis of my turbulent bot this morning, I would hazard that this is baked by one or more of the many many smaller breweries in my nape of the woods.
calum, Jun 17 2005

       I was not at a beer festival last night. Nonetheless, I feel your pain today [calum]. Damn all lagers and ales! Gadzooks, how my guts writhe! The idea is redundant - just drink more and you'll be on the pot in no time, for a long time...
DocBrown, Jun 17 2005

       BeerLax: Available in regular, very regular and super-regular. Good for what ales you.
Adze, Jun 18 2005

       Waking up with a hangover is always unpleasant, but it's not half as bad as waking up with a hangover and finding out that you've shat yourself.
wagster, Jun 18 2005

       Makes me think of sitting on a toilet on ecstacy - who would have thought it could be so sensual.
benfrost, Jun 18 2005


       You're friends won't know its a laxative. Now in both Lite and Heavy.
sartep, Jun 19 2005

       "New Miller Shite. Great taste, less filling."
lostdog, Jun 19 2005


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