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Beer Cozies that inflate into Life Rafts

Just in Case
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Part of a larger theory that more things should turn into self-inflating life rafts, but the beer cozie seems like such a logical vehicle. Drinking beer is often associated with both large bodies of water and poor decision making. You will be eternally heralded for thinking ahead when you are crammed into a boat full of grateful drunks.
jennb, Mar 12 2004

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       Figure out how to get all the required material into a 1 in^3 volume, and I'll bun it. (this includes all the material to make the raft, plus the inflating mechanism. It needs to be at least big enough to float one person comfortably.)
Freefall, Mar 12 2004

       All you need is a CO2 cartridge stuck on the side, and make the cozie out of balloon material. You won't get a whole liferaft, but at least something that can keep your head above water. As a bonus, it could be used to un-flatten your beer in an emergency.
Worldgineer, Mar 12 2004


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