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Jolly Liferafts

Something to smile about.
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Inflatable liferafts, when inflated, are somewhat unprepossessing things; apart from the orange hi-vis bits, they're usually drab grey or black.

People obliged to use such a liferaft are most likely not going to be feeling particularly cheerful, either.

So, for a very small extra cost, and a minimal weight penalty, we propose that liferafts shoud be equipped with large, garishly-coloured inflatable decorative sections - A seahorse's head in bright blue and pink, a dragon's head and tail in bright green with red spots, a white swan's head and neck and a matching pair of folded wings.

This will also make life more interesting and varied for air-sea rescue search crews - "Hello Control, we've got the Bouncy Castle and the Giant Yellow Hedgehog in sight .... looks like Rescue 22 is closing on the Purple Penguin ...."

[Admittedly not an ideal category choice - wanted category Liferaft/Lifeboat ? ]

8th of 7, Jun 11 2016


       Hi! I made Vehicle: Boat: Life Raft. Not ideal, but closer.
jutta, Jun 11 2016

       The decorative features could also act as sails, ensuring that you will, sooner or later, reach land.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2016

       // I made Vehicle: Boat: Life Raft. //   

       <bangs forehead on floor>   

       Thankyou ... thankyou ... we are not worthy ...   

       <bangs forehead on floor>   

       <gets up, rubs forehead, wanders off to find aspirin>
8th of 7, Jun 11 2016

       < takes picture of multiple Borg banging heads on floor (in perfect unison), runs off to framing studio >
whatrock, Jun 11 2016

       I like the visual identification aspect.
smendler, Jun 13 2016


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