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Bemuse With Fraction of c

"Uhoh My Impunctuality Has Irked Someone Clock"
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id like to have a clock that told me how fast id need to be going (in terms of n/speed of lite) in order for an observer to record me as taking such & such amount of time, & then told me how much time would appear to elapse to me; then when some sucka on the other end of my cell phone is annoyedly & annoyingly making a point about my chronic & incurable impunktuality, id deploy the decoy of the difference in our recorded times were i actually to travel at the rate the sucka demands for me to be on time... from there, i'm struttin down easystreet: providing a mini-lecture on conceptual special relativity & it's implications; stalling & bemusing until i arrive or the sucka forgets.

The clock is the crucial link between the Danger & the Safety.

the sucka would cease being a sucka whence it uttered: "well; if you had your shit together, then you wouldn't need to go x fast." Then i'd need to reference my 'Ooh Commence Plan B! Clock"

redundantly_redundant, Nov 26 2002


       You don't need a fraction of c to bemuse me, just keep talking.
DrCurry, Nov 26 2002

       Where was that jive translator again?
RayfordSteele, Nov 26 2002

       There's lots of talk of swirled peas on the HB. Somebody tell me - are these what in the UK are known as mushy peas?
sild, Nov 27 2002

       Saaaaaaaay, whatever happened to calum?
thumbwax, Nov 27 2002

       Yeah, what waugsqueke said.
DrBob, Nov 27 2002


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