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Bestest Song Ever

A method to make the best ever song
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Start with a note, any note. Have a panel of listeners. Trial a "second note" by trying every possible note and instrument to find the note that sounds BEST when played after the first note. Then, the 3rd note, trial every note to see which sounds best after the 1st and 2nd note. Then 4th, 5th etc etc. In this way, you are on a winning formula. Every note hits the sweet spot. No lyrics required. How can it fail?
Elitefingerbun, Mar 24 2006

'Tribute' by Tenacious D http://www.tenaciousd.com/video.html
The best song in the world (third one down). [DrBob, Mar 24 2006]

The Hula Lessons http://www.tropicis...a_instructions2.htm
For [skinflaps] [wagster, Mar 24 2006]

Antler love website http://antlers.date.../love/oklahoma6.htm
[normzone, Aug 24 2006]

songs without lyrics http://www.amazon.c...051?v=glance&n=5174
[bleh, Aug 29 2006]

This is the bestest song ever. http://www.boingboi...ute-compositio.html
it's 22 minutes long. [jaksplat, Apr 17 2008]


       It'll fail because music is cultural and personal. You'll never get every panel member to agree. Not everyone will appreciate the final melody.   

       And a song is much more than a melody. What of the tempo, style, emotion of the piece? None of that is considered in your idea. What indeed of the length of each note? Stacatto, glissando?   

       [Elitefingerbun] I'm afraid you'll end up with a rather dull jumble of notes.
jonthegeologist, Mar 24 2006

       Start with "raspberry". What's the best word to follow "raspberry"?
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       We like white noise, where do we start?
skinflaps, Mar 24 2006

       Let's start with white noise and look for the most interesting thing to subtract from it. Subtract "raspberry" from white noise, then add a kicking breakbeat. A sure fire winner.
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       Obviously, "nipple" is the best word to follow raspberry.   

       It will be a song to unite the punk and the classical........ anyhow, don't believe me, I will show you all ahahaha hehehe hohooh errrmmmm.......
Elitefingerbun, Mar 24 2006

       // Obviously, "nipple" is the best word to follow raspberry // Obviously.
jonthegeologist, Mar 24 2006

       We could make the best ever sentence NOW. Just add your wordbest to follow;   

Elitefingerbun, Mar 24 2006

       gotta stop you there. Lists are not welcome. We can't all help you write your idea.
jonthegeologist, Mar 24 2006

       The best music comes from the heart and soul of the composer. Anything 'manufactured' will sound just that. [-]
xandram, Mar 24 2006

       //after the original labels were found to have the songs credited to "Bill Nelson's Red Nose"// - When I was working in a recording studio with an Icelandic singer (with a heavy accent), I labelled up all the masters and sent them off to the record company including a track called "Antlers Love". It was only later that I found out it was called "Endless Love". I always wondered how far that went before someone spotted it.
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       From snopes: "Shigeru Miyamoto, the game's inventor and the one person who unquestionably knows the origins of the name he chose, has repeatedly affirmed that he used the word "donkey" to convey a sense of stubbornness and the name "Kong" to invoke the image of a gorilla."   

       Shame, a great story.
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       Talk about going off the subject at hand here.   

       Anyone know where I can get Hula lessons on the cheap?
skinflaps, Mar 24 2006

       Yes, there are very reasonably priced teach-yourself-hula videos available (link).
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       Cool, [wags] I'm thinking of starting a Hula football team.
skinflaps, Mar 24 2006

       Count me in, I know a good jive goalie.
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       You couldn't tell if note #2 is good or bad until you knew what was going to come after it.   

       Scientists once did something like this to draw the "most beautiful possible woman". The result was blah. It was really just a local maximum.
phundug, Mar 24 2006

       What was her name, this local maximum? Was she at all well known outside the lab, or were the scientists just not getting out much?
pertinax, Aug 24 2006

       Thanks for bringing this back the fore. I like the use of pure logic.
bungston, Aug 24 2006

       "Raspberry nipples forever..."   

       Come on guys, we are writing the lyrics for the best song ever here...
James Newton, Aug 24 2006

       Isn't that how you're supposed to write songs anyway? Only with chords and without a panel to vote on it. At least, that's how I do it...
Newo Ikkin, Aug 24 2006

       [wagster], apparently the song title "Antlers Love" went on to spur a website for antler lovers [link]
normzone, Aug 24 2006

       I think the concept of "every possible note" is flawed. It's about like trying to draw the most beautiful possible woman by trying "every possible whole number of inches" for the dimensions of the features.
spidermother, Aug 26 2006

       No, SpiderMother, How do you think they created me? :P   

       Though, no matter what you're panel of judges think, there will be those rebellious punks who hate it simply because of what it claims to be. And what about music theory..? You could just end up in an arpeggio continuum.
Newo Ikkin, Aug 29 2006

       //Also, it's not much of a song if there's no lyrics - that's just a tune, then//   

       did this not bother anyone else? there are many a great song with no lyrics. honestly, i despise lyrics. Just give me a melody and im happy. even when someone is jabbering on about wildebeasts and demons, i generally tune out the words and just listen to the melody, and how it plays with the rest of the track. see: bobby mcferrin (yes the dont worry be happy guy, no not that album). He did a disc with chick corea that was just piano and voice, and only one song (a cover) had lyrics, all are amazing.
bleh, Aug 29 2006

       [bleh] You have jazzed your way into my heart. I have heard that album, and it is quite good. Chick is such a wonderful pianist.   

       Pat Metheny, a jazz guitarist did something similar on the album "Still Life (Talking)" (or something like that)   

       But yea, this idea definately would not work. As a budding musician I theoretically should be offended that you think music can be written this way.... (If anyone has heard of John Cage however, this might not be as outlandish as it first seems)   

       Oh, and saying it's not music because there is no lyrics is ... frightening. Should I point out the last 600+ years of western music (excluding early music) generally had no words ? It looks like I just did. Anyway, listen to some Bach and tell me that's not music, teehee.
Night, Aug 30 2006


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