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Better Busts

Project yourself as an artist with slide show sculpting.
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The hobby specialists that made Sculpt by the Numbers popular, have now developed a new, improved sculpture kit. Included are a mini-projector with slides, a round base and adjustable frame to support and aim the projector from specific angles, and the material to sculpt. You may carve and form your own block of material or choose from their wide range of wood, stone, clay, small particle Styrofoam or laminated drywall.

The rough block is secured to the center of the base. The slide projector frame can swivel around the base, and the projector can be slid up or down the semicircular frame, allowing illumination of the block from almost any angle. 25 slides depict a subject from a variety of angles, front, back, right and left profiles, top, front 45 degrees elevated and so on. The code on each slide matches an adjustment of the projector and its support.

Thus, by projecting the correct images from the correct angles, the budding artist sees where to remove extraneous material, shape and refine the work, and later, with the frame removed, can smooth the surface and add personal touches. The slide show sculptor can select a photo series covering an example of classical sculpture (with or without noses), contemporary (with or without holes), nature motifs or celebrities. Of course, one can also photograph friends and relatives, with help of the enclosed transit and measuring tape, to later portray them in dazzling 3D.

FarmerJohn, Sep 03 2003




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