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Better Fire Alarms

Fire alarms that tell it like it is
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Tired of the loud and obnoxious sounds and tones of your fire alarm? Tired of the buzzes and the whistles, the screeches and the dings? Well the answer is here.

Our fire alarms, instead of being loud and obnoxious(though they are loud) explain the situation in a manner you respect. DIfferent models are available. Different voices and different phrases.

"There's a fire! Get the hell out of the house!" A gruff voice might scream.

"Do I smell...smoke is it? I could be wrong." A polite middle aged woman would murmur.

"It may be just me, but it seems to be getting a little bit hot in here." A soft british voice would tell you during dinner.

Religious and philosophical messages could also be conveyed during the alarm.

"Confucius say: FIre is hot. Use fire but mind it or you fall in."

Socratic: "Fire kills. There is fire here. Therefore, the fire will kill you shortly."

Zen: "There is a fire. There is no fire."

Customize for yourself!! These fire alarms make a devestating experience fun for everybody. Make your own suggestion!

Fetus, Jun 09 2004

Recordable smoke alarm, $29.90 http://www.solution...keyword=smoke+alarm
Marketed towards parents, but wouldn't look out of place in a hotel room or living room. [jutta, Sep 14 2006]


       Fire in tha hole!... what? (-) ions.
daseva, Jun 09 2004


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