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Bicycle Stunt Brake

A brake that stops the handlebars from turning.
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A brake that stops the handle bars from turning, in order to make front wheel stands easier, and to widen the range of tricks that can be performed on the front wheel.

The most suitable place for the Stunt Brake lever would probably be in front of the existing front brake lever. That way, the front brake could be operated as per normal, however by reaching slightly further the rider could gather the Stunt Brake lever and pull both levers simultaneously.

I would think that some sort of band brake operating on the headset would be a reasonable mechanical means of locking the handlebars.

Texticle, May 11 2006


       /A band brake tigntening the headset would lead to the headset tightening or untigtening, no ?/   

       You lost me.   

       The rod and rings thing sounds sticky and unlikely to release reliably upon release of the brake lever.
Texticle, Jan 12 2009

       Here I go talking to myself again. This idea seems to have that effect on people. At one time, as I recall, there were as many as 4 or 5 annotations (none mine).
Texticle, Jan 16 2009

       Prolly easier to use a telescoping internally/externally splined carrier to lock the steering. Think lockable hubs in 4wd vehicles. Short stroke of the carrier (maybe 10mm) will lock up with incredible strength. Cleverly bevelled leading edges should make it a smooth operation. This could also be used to lock the steering in other places, perhaps useful for other stunts.
Custardguts, Jan 16 2009

       A spline gear would have better binding force but it would lock in a limited number of positions. I would imagine it would be pretty scary if I let off the handlebars and the bars swung a couple of degrees before they locked in place. It would be neat if the switch to lock the bars was built directly into the handlebars so you just had to reposition your grip to lock the steering. I find I generally place my hands out at the ends of the grips reflexively when I try to hold the front wheel still to get more torque on the bars.
BuffMyRadius, Dec 10 2014


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