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Bicycle prop

Get airplane motors and push bicycles with them
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Mounted on the back seat of a standard bicycle, this AA- battery-powered propeller would be 3 inches in diameter and provide a good quarter-ounce push.
Voice, Dec 24 2010

Jet Bicycle http://www.colinfur...om/jet-bicycle.html
So finally i've strapped the beast to something with wheels [aniola, Sep 02 2022]


       [-] lack of reckless and inadvisable use of pyrotechnics for propulsion.
8th of 7, Dec 24 2010

       [-] inoffensive.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 24 2010

       Is it baked if there's at least one of these in the world? Baked.
aniola, Sep 02 2022

       That product doesn't resemble the idea. The above two bones are some of my most treasured criticisms.
Voice, Sep 02 2022

       Also you can do a search for propeller bike on Youtube. Fireball tool made a pedal-powered propeller bike. GCN (Global cycling network) built a jet bike. And someone with a username Rubisguitar built a propellor bike 10 years ago.   

       Maybe it wasn't baked when you thought it up, but it's out in the world now! :D   

       P.S. These are all per my partner, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things weird bike design.
aniola, Sep 02 2022

       Ohhhh. Whooops! Well, it was fun watching that kid have fun riding around on something inadvisable anyway.
aniola, Sep 02 2022


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