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Big Brother Maximum Security

Combine the Big Brother and "Stir" series
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Two almost univerally popular TV ideas. Big Brother reality gawking show, but set in Maximum Secirity prision with real inmates. The final "contestent" wins a pardon from the governer for the crime of his choise. You could have male and female versions. Viewers can vote prisoners out or they can shank each other for millions of viewers. The posssibilities are endless and so are the legal and moral questions. Help me out here folks. This could make me a rich man.
Irontoad, Sep 15 2008


       Bun if we can do away with the cameras and the tedious daily TV shows.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 15 2008

       Terrible idea - if you want to combine "Two almost univerally popular ideas", why not choose Big Brother and The Sims, to create a Sims add-on which allows the simulation of a Big Brother house. Then, the deluded fans of Big Brother can create their own tediously contrived 'reality' dramas on their computers including a selection of expertly programmed stupid, attention-seeking Sims, without cluttering up the TV schedules for the rest of us.
hippo, Sep 15 2008

       sp. "Security" [-]
coprocephalous, Sep 15 2008


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