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television distraction
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All contestants are provided with a government declaration before competing, that they are not terrorists and that should they be caught it explains at the top of the form 'no - this is a tv reality program'.

Two teams must try to smuggle a series of chosen items through different airport security checkpoints around the world ie - a cucumber wrapped in aluminium foil, 2kg of talcum powder, fake pistol, rubber knife, large ticking alarm clock attached to 5 cooked sausages wrapped in masking tape, exotic pie dishes etc.

When they all meet at a designated point somewhere in the world, the team with the most remaining items are declared the champions, and ornate flutes are sounded with acompanying shouting and tossing of hats.

benfrost, Feb 03 2005


       95 egg-sized balloons filled with rat poison.   

       Sorry, recently watched Maria Full of Grace.
Worldgineer, Feb 03 2005

       Most remaining items? Most remaining members, perhaps. people get jail sentences even for joking about carrying guns/drugs at airports...
david_scothern, Feb 03 2005

       Yes but the real smugglers already have an advantage.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 03 2005

       why would anyone stop you with 2kg of talcum powder?
gronner, Oct 12 2005


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