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Big brother matchmaker

Big brother is matching you
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A certain agency concerned with "intelligence" claims to intercept, archive and analyse all types of communications passing over the internet (or at least used to). I am sure, someone analysing my emails and posts to newsgroups etc (yeah, the halfbakery, too) will be able to get a good picture of my likes and dislikes.

The said agency shouldn't waste all the information collected. For a start, why not match people on the basis of similiar interests and affinities and send an email to each? "Big brother has been watching you. Big brother has found this person who has been graded as having 97.7489% similiar interests as you. Big brother recommends that you get in touch and fraternize or whatever. Love, Big Brother."

And what does BB get from it?

"He gets to watch." -thumbwax

neelandan, Mar 15 2002


       I thought big brother's original intention was: divided you fall.
po, Mar 15 2002

       Big Brother is signing you up, po. Just wait for the delivery.
neelandan, Mar 15 2002

       Take out Big Brother and insert the FBI's Carnivore system. I like it.
waugsqueke, Mar 15 2002

       Big Brother gets to watch
thumbwax, Mar 15 2002

       What would be the monthly fee? Or you maybe have already paid with your tax dollar, then I would demand the service.
bing, Mar 15 2002


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