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Bone microchip

Inject small chips in human skull at birth.
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At birth the government would implant a microchip in every infant's skull, similar to the one you can have put in your cat. It would have your name, DOB, place of birth, nationality/ties and a record of every criminal offence you've commited would be added to your chip upon conviction. If the police were looking for a John Smith with a previous conviction for sexual assault, they would use a search engine that would scan the vicinity within a given area to see if anyone matches the search parameters. It would be implanted somewhere where it could not be dislodged so that if your corpse is decomposing in a field, the police can still scan for you and find your skeleton. Other potential info that could be stored would be names of next-of-kin, credit history, telephone number, e-mail address.
RogerRam, Sep 29 2003

Invasive Government http://www.halfbake...vasive_20government
[hippo, Oct 04 2004]


       you'd be updating this every week.
po, Sep 29 2003

       In general, I tend to err on the side of not caring if the government knows everything about me - the "I've got nothing to hide" school of thought. There are trust and privacy issues with this though (see my linked idea "Invasive Government") not least of which is that while you might be OK with the current government having all your personal information, will you be OK with all future governments having it too?

A problem with this idea though would be all the back street "re-chipping" outfits which will, for a bundle of used notes, replace your implanted chip with a 'clean' one.
hippo, Sep 29 2003

       //back street "re-chipping"// hah
po, Sep 29 2003

       well, you know, like those places that advertise in car magazines offering to 'adjust' the mileage on your car...
hippo, Sep 29 2003

       .. and I was thinking back-street abortions..
po, Sep 29 2003

       Not an original idea.
waugsqueke, Sep 29 2003


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