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Bilingual verses

Buffalaxed out of the box
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Somebody with too much time on his hands has been taking up music videos in languages he does not understand, and adding subtitles in a language he does, and evidently people find the result hilarious.

So, this idea is for a genre of music, which makes sense in two languages simultaneously. The meaning could be different, of course.

The same syllables which say "I love you" in English could mean "in the moonlight" in another, for example.

And still make sense.

neelandan, Dec 31 2008

User Buffalax on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/buffalax
Videos subtitled to say what they sound like, not what they really mean. [neelandan, Dec 31 2008]


       This may be doable, but it would be very, very hard. Maybe if you started with haiku it could be done.
nineteenthly, Dec 31 2008

       I have been trying to sing the song "That's All" in French. It is really tough to fit all those Frenchy syllables into a line. Who knows if my friend even translated it right or idiomatically. If all of the verses matched the English syllables I wouldn't care if "I can only give you love that lasts forever" came out as "We just have enough of whale to share its blubber."
ricchris, Dec 31 2008

       In French "Je t'adore" means I love you, and sounds like "Shut the door".   

       In French "un oeuf" means an egg, and sounds like "enough". Hence the bilingual joke, "Q: why do French have only one egg for breakfast?" "A: because one egg is un oeuf".   


       pas de loin que nous --> paddle your own canoe
bonkers777, Dec 31 2008

       "Why did you call your eleventh child 'Sophie' ?"   

       "Because, after she was born, my wife said 'Ca suffis!' "
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 31 2008

       sp. suffit
pertinax, Dec 31 2008

       A l'eau, c'est l'heure =>"'Allo Sailor".
nineteenthly, Dec 31 2008

       <moderately on-topic joke>   

       Two cats were thrown into the English channel. One cat was called Onetwothree and the other was called Undeuxtrois.
The Onetwothree cat made it across, but the Undeuxtrois cat sank.

       Un deux troi cat sank in French is one two three four five in English.   

       I didn't say it was a Good joke.   

       one two three four five...   

       made me laugh - fries.
po, Dec 31 2008

       This has been done to some scale actually :) There is a single called 'Why Hi One Why'.. It doesn't quite mean anything in English but means 'what a fucking animal' in Turkish. Other examples: I run each team Matarama Suko
xkuntay, Jan 01 2009

       I just sent my Chinese class classmates something like this. In Chinese, "Happy new year and wish you luck and fortune" is "Zhu nimen xinnian kuai le, gongxi fa cai", but in English it could be "June knee mention yank why leg gone chief fat sigh".
phundug, Jan 01 2009

       What do you for a living?   

       I fok horses   


zeno, Jan 01 2009


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