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Billboard, lonely gas station

A way to harass individual cars traveling a lonely road
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Picture a long lonely stretch of road with a single gas station. Say that stretch to Las Vegas.

A mile or two in front. the station place a billboard . And cameras focused ahead of that.

The gas station attendant can watch the approaching cars and enter custom messages to display on billboard. Hopefully they turn in to the gas station.

Maybe big speakers (and hay bales to protect startled drivers) right in front of the sign.

(The one eyed jacks, cars with a headlight out. would be a good target. )

(Would make the start of a bad movie. )

popbottle, May 15 2013



       sp antediluvian?
not_morrison_rm, May 15 2013

       The gas attendant could start a joke by displaying "Knock Knock..." on the billboard. This would guarantee business (or at least human interaction) because as we all know, once a knock knock joke has been initiated, it must be seen to its end.
sprints, May 16 2013

       Whom is there?
popbottle, May 19 2013


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