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Convert organic waste to Methane
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I got this idea from work where I always see people throwing there leftover away with the rest of the trash.

Waste organic material ( lawn clippings, food , spoiled food) is collected from both homes and business’s ( in much the same manner they collect cans and glass today) the material is transported to a large holding tank ( water-tower sized) where it is processed ground up and dumped into the tower. From there special bacteria and enzymes are dumped on the food breaking it down and producing heat and methane gas.

not quite sure what the heat could be used for but the gas could be collected and burned as fuel to create electricity.

there would have to be 3 or 4 towers to stager the flow of food ( as one fills up the other is being emptied)

the left over sludge would be used as fertilizer for farms and possibly sold to fund the towers.

to properly motivate people and business to participate they would get a tax break for participating. and larger companies could get a break based on there contribution ( 1-2 tons a year gets a certain % where 3-4 tons gets a certain higher % so on and so forth)

crash893, Apr 06 2005


       If you could read Chinese you might know this is baked, baked, baked!
Do a search on microbes, biproducts, & methane.
I must correct myself. This area is becoming more popular since the last time I searched it.
Zimmy, Apr 07 2005

       This is definitely baked.
david_scothern, Apr 07 2005

       if you really had not heard or read about such systems, i admire your logical thinking.   

       BTW this is more than baked to the extent that even in small villages in many countries, biogas is produced by means of cow dung fermentation & used as fuel for cooking. the slurry is used as fertilizer.
vedarshi, Apr 08 2005


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