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Biochemical Love Matcher

Love test based on blood
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I have always wondered about the phenomenon of 'love at first site'. I often wonder if it should be more accurately described as love at first smell, referring to pheromones.

When I meet someone I usually know immediately whether we will be compatible, at least physically. Some women I find I am strongly attracted to and with others I don't budge. In this context it goes beyond whether I find the girl pretty, intelligent, interesting, the right phenotype and not obese or anorexic.

Anyway, the idea here is to similar to a glucose test. Basically two drops of blood are required, one from each participant. Based on some sciency wizardry type thingy (as yet to be established but based on genome encoding and various metabolic similarities) the machine mixes the two drops of blood and indicates the biochemical compatibility of the participants in the potential love match. I submit that, in order to reduce the number of potential matches on a dating site - in favour of accuracy, one can pre-determine whether meeting the person is even worth it based on chemistry alone.

As mentioned before some women make me flustered and some have no effect at all (despite being in my preference group), it is my belief that there is a deeper chemical compatibility at work.

The Biochemical Love Matcher allows people to anonymously give a sample of blood to a medical establishment. The sample of blood is then processed by the machine against the samples of matches in your preferred pool of people. For example a pool of potential partners would consist of natural blond/redheads, athletic, between 30-45 years old, female, between 55-80kg, between 1.2-1.7m tall - this would narrow down large group of potential partners down to just a few hundred in my country. From there the blood samples are mixed and matched in the Biochemical Love Matcher, further reducing the number of compatible matches to a few tens. The Biochemical Love Matcher can also screen potential partners for STD's etc, helping avoid that awkward pre-copulation moment.

Once the pool of partners is reduced nicely we can chat online and eventually meet up for a date should it go that far. For me time and money are restricted, and I don't want to waste my time or money with women who are not compatible. This is beneficial to both sexes, because this applies to everyone.

Before I sound like I am overly fussy, and put too much emphasis on superficial physical characteristics, lets be real, most people do, whichever their gender. I think that a lot can be said for physical attributes, since most good looking people are also blessed with a decent brain (the HB crew must be a good looking bunch in general, based on this assumption). Not to say that ugly people are necessarily less cerebrally enhanced, however the genes that encode for good looks usually come with the brainy gene too. So this Biochemical Love Matcher just takes my preference of what I find most attractive in a woman, then makes sure our chemistry is compatible, after that it is up to me/her to determine whether we are intellectually compatible and spiritually compatible.

Similarly women can determine what they find most attractive in men by physical characteristics, submit their blood sample, and match up with compatible men. In this way both sides of the gender division can find suitably matched people without wasting a huge amount of time or money.

It must be said though a male friend of mine and myself where comparing notes on what we find attractive, and our taste is significantly different (even though we are very similar in our intellectual capabilities). I assume this has to do with some kind of chemical attraction that determines what an individual finds attractive. Having our beers in the dark corner of the pub, watching cricket or rugby, we quietly rate the women we see. I believe females do the same (also probably not paying much attention to the entertainment).

In the future, using the Nth generation mobile app version of the Biochemical Love Matcher App, my phone, and her phone would indicate the location of mine/her closest match by playing a beeping sound that increases in frequency as we get closer.

Basically I am very annoyed by being targeted by incompatible phenotype women that are obese, and this way I don't even have to encounter them online. Sorry the website I use has a 'politically correct' filtration mechanism, and is not compatible with my phenotypist preferences. Excuse what could be mis-identified as a tool for eugenics, I assure you its not, since beauty is in the eye of the beerholder - I just have my preferences and they cannot be changed.

AngelEleven, Jan 19 2016

Some Fantasy https://www.youtube...watch?v=xgWHR8aeRjs
On making a love potion (using hairs from Snow White and Prince Charming) [Vernon, Jan 19 2016]

this is why https://en.wikipedi...nd_sexual_selection
Major histocompatibility complex and sexual selection [Loris, Jan 19 2016]

Scientifically based dating service Scientifically_20based_20dating_20service
my version [Loris, Jan 19 2016]


       //Based on some sciency wizardry type thingy[...]//   

       That's generally considered bad practice here - it's basically cheating - and people might recommend the idea for deletion on that basis. But in this particular case there is a good scientific basis for your observations (see link).   

       //Basically I am very annoyed by being targeted by incompatible phenotype women that are obese, and this way I don't even have to encounter them online.//   

       I doubt that there is a significant link between MHC type and obesity. So your proposal wouldn't change the average BMI of your matches. They will, however be biologically compatible even if fat, so provided you're happy with that the situation has improved.
Loris, Jan 19 2016

       //love at first site// “You come here often?” “It's the first place I have ever been to” “me too!” x x x &c.
pocmloc, Jan 19 2016

       /the genes that encode for good looks usually come with the brainy gene too/   

       True, true as I myself am a living example. Yet these genes might be accompanied by surprising obesity brought about by an inattention to pie quantity and fondness for pastries, of which I am also a living example. Such inattention might be a result of deficiency in the right sort of lean, chiseled, athletic and aesthetic company and this, you, Angel, could be in a position to remedy.   

       Although not for me specifically, please.
bungston, Jan 19 2016

       //Based on some sciency wizardry type thingy//   

       What [Loris] said. You might as well propose teleportation wristwatches, bullet-proof cheese or electroluminescent vaginas based on "some sciency wizardry type thing".   

       Actually some of those would be quite cool.   

       Incidentally, guess who owns the domain name "genomastrology.com"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2016

       "Why can't smart man make web site fix problem!" Now with biochem!
the porpoise, Jan 19 2016

       //guess who// why guess? whois...   

       Hmmm, neat trick having one of your semi-vitro sibs as your registrar, but if you were ever to travel off the grounds of the Estate, you'll notice that the DNS isn't set up.
lurch, Jan 19 2016

       Yeah, but if this bona fide science malarkey doesn't work out for me, just a few mouseclicks and...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2016

       "'love at first site'."   

       Let me put my grammar Nazi uniform on.   


       How about that. Still fits after all these years.
doctorremulac3, Jan 19 2016

       [Loris] thanks for the link, I always suspected there is probably some scientific chemically related stuff related to sexual selection. From an evolutionary point of view one can observe this is dogs, bum sniffing if you like, which determines the availablity and viability of a mate for reproductive purposes. I was aware that 'sciency wizardry type thingy' [marked-for-tagline] doesn't fly at HB, however under the rules of this site it mentions that there must be some sort of scientific basis for an invention, which I provided by citing metabolic similarities etc, and backed-up by Loris's link.   

       Nehoo, My English is sometimes confusing, and I feel sorry for non native speakers, since as a reasonably educated person myself I still battle to make distinctions between the words sight and site. Oh it must be so confusing for those speakers of other languages to learn correct usage of words such as those. In my case I attribute it to my poorly read eyes, not having picked up a real book for yonks and actually read from cover to cover. A shame really, this world currently promoting instant gratification and short and sweet dialogues can be blamed for this lack of discretionary spelling and grammar skillset. Nevermind though, sadly I am much more literate than most of my peers where I live, and it makes me unsettled to imagine the future, where kids currently in their teens inherit the responsibility we have now.   

       As for the gene groups associating with each other, such as the good looking and brainy genes travelling the course of evolution, I definitely believe natural selection has a big role to play here. From my observations, smart men (and women) are usually endowed with good earning power, and in this world where the media saturates material with good looking women and equates it with success, therefore the natural selection favours that rich men can afford good looking women. Since money determines the the ability to provide for a family well, and have numerous offspring, it stands to reason that the gene pool will eventually concentrate the genes of good looking and smart as a dominant pair.
AngelEleven, Jan 20 2016


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