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Bionic Toaster

Bakes to a crisp with the heat of her bare hands
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[Edited after getting too many question marks] (actually 4, 3 of them from one user)

A regular toaster except that the heating apparatus is in the hands of a bionic person. The bionic person holds the slice of bread and feels when the toast is ready. S/he then "pops it up" in the air while making a "pop" sound in order to indicated that the toast is toasted, and catches it back and serves it to whoever ordered the toast.

pashute, Nov 16 2015

NOT funny hot hands https://www.youtube...watch?v=4ozUF0mAWNI
[pashute, Nov 17 2015]


       When looking for a funny hot hands movie I found the following [link]. It has nothing to do with my idea but got me thinking, that all countries in the UN have laws that address violence and see to it that violence is not advocated.   

       These games definitely advocate violence, and therefor should simply be illegal. Nothing funny about the game.   

       Anyway the bionic toaster is a toaster for toasting bread, but its part of the bionic body of a bionic person and embedded inside the hands. So you can have toast wherever and whenever desired as long as you have a slice of bread.
pashute, Nov 17 2015


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