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Bipedal tank

The go-anyware & do-anything tank (almost)
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The biped tank is the 21st century knight - it's armor plated, can follow infantry anywhere, and packs a mean punch. The difference is it moves and dodges too quickly to be turned into anti-tank fodder. It would have arms instead of a gun so it could use any weapon available, and to subdue a bad guy without killing him.

It would be great for SWAT situations as well - send one (or two) in first to take the flak from the armed assailants, then the officers can arrest with minimal risk.

I would think it would have to have a lot of steel to make it useful, so something like nuclear fuel for the engine would let it keep a lot of armor plating and move fast.

MasterShazbot, May 01 2006

(?) Bipedal Tank http://www.starwars...cle/atst/index.html
close [jhomrighaus, May 01 2006]

Powered Armor http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Powered_armor
close to [jhomrighaus, May 01 2006]

(?) mechwarrior http://www.microsof...Games/mechwarrior4/
[jhomrighaus, May 01 2006]

(?) Battletech http://www.kerensky...m/btech/btech.shtml
[jhomrighaus, May 01 2006]


       And if something goes wrong, it would call Council to tell them.   

       Sorry everyone.
methinksnot, May 01 2006

       They had these in the Star Wars Movies(especially in the Empire Strikes Back with the Ewoks). Also Armored Combat Suits have been proposed by numerous SciFI Authors. Starship troopers being only one. I think the idea at least is not a new one though Im not sure if it is Baked. See links for Info. Also Sounds a Lot like Mechwarrior, battletech and about ten other anime or video games.
jhomrighaus, May 01 2006

       Yeah Halfbaked about a million times - booorrrriinngggg. Yawn.   

       Interestingly, the only area where *I* think such a bipedal machine would be useful is one I've never seen it suggested for - and that's disaster recovery. A giant humanoid robot would surely be useful for clearing collapsed buildings, and would be able to reach remote villages which might be inaccessible to wheeled vehicles, in weather which might ground helicopters.
moomintroll, May 01 2006

       Mechwarrior, Star Wars, GW Spacemarines, MetalGear, BattleTech, Krazy Ivan, Aliens .. and that's just off the top of my head. 'Fess up, this isn't your idea is it? ;)   

       [moomintroll] I've shared *your* vision before. Would reach where other vehicles and people on foot couldn't. If a suit was heavily armoured (& shockproof) yet dextrous, it could be used for bomb disposal also.
kuupuuluu, May 02 2006

       Click on the links to see it's bakedness.   

       You have 15 seconds to comply.
Jinbish, May 02 2006

       All of those giant biped tanks, but none anatomically correct. Now that would be a novel idea!
bungston, May 02 2006


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